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Review: The Munchkin 59s Mini Steriliser & Nursery Steriliser #sponsored

Review: The Munchkin 59s Mini Steriliser & Nursery Steriliser #sponsored
Alice's Healthy Lifestyle cute baby
Picture: Alice’s Healthy Lifestyle

Keeping things clean and sanitary for our babies is more on our minds than ever. We want to make sure that the things they put in their mouths, cuddle and kiss are clean and sanitary. That’s why we were excited for a group of BritMums bloggers and influencers to try out the Munchkin 59s Mini Portable Steriliser, the Munchkin 59s Nursery Steriliser and the Munchkin Steriliser Bags for use in the microwave. 

We’ve written about these products and how they work. Now read what other parents have to say about using them! 

About the Munchkin 59s Mini Steriliser

Ali of Crummy Mummy with son and baby and chickens
For wherever you drop a dummy…including with the chickens. Picture: Mum in a Nutshell

All parents experience the moment when baby drops, loses or in some cases throws their pacifier out of their pram or pushchair. It inevitably lands in a puddle, on the grass, or sometimes even inside the lemur enclosure, as one mum told us. We always need a spare (or three or four or…) when we go out — both of dummies and of bottle teats — because, hey, accidents happen. 

What Mum in a Nutshell says:

‘It’s no longer acceptable (was it ever?) to clean off dummies by popping them into your mouth while muttering “This’ll do,”‘ says Ali of Mum in a Nutshell. After trying the 59s Mini Steriliser, she calls it a ‘genius device.’ It ‘clips onto your buggy, not taking up changing bag space,’ — a key point as you try to pack in nappies, wipes, cream, hand sanitiser, changes of clothes, muslins and more. Even as an experienced mum of three boys, she found it to be ‘one of those baby items you wonder how you ever coped without.’ 

What Kacheetee says:

Kachi of Kacheetee holding baby son
Kachi with her son. Picture: Courtesy of Kacheetee

Kachi of Kacheetee, also a second-time mum, recalls the stress of sterilising with her first son. ‘Many times with  Jidenna I’d be on the go trying to sort a feed, and the teat would drop on the floor of a restaurant, the park or the mall. It would be a scramble to find a way to rinse it off and find hot water to sterilise it again,’ she says. ‘This UV steriliser would have saved me all that stress.

She notes that ‘it uses the same UV light technology used in hospitals to sanitise things from operating rooms to surgical equipment.’ Plus the sensible design appeals to her. 

‘I love that it’s super practical…with a strap to hang on a diaper bag or pushchair handle when you’re out. And if you’re going out without any of these, like for a quick stroll, you can simply clip it onto your wrist!’ It has a USB cord for charging or can be powered by 3AA batteries.

Read Kachi’s full write-up.

Jenny of Accidental Hipster Mum had forgotten how much of a struggle it can be to keep things clean for baby. ‘She has a dummy, which sometimes stops her trying to suck unsuitable things (like her big brother’s smelly trainers), but more often than not, it ends up on the floor!’ she says.

Jenny of Accidental Hipster Mum with baby and Munchkin mini steriliser
Jenny with baby Orlaith. Picture: Accidental Hipster Mum

Jenny loves that it can ‘blitz’ baby Orlaith’s dummies and teats, including ridding them of odour-causing bacteria (we’re sensing a theme here!).

‘What’s even more wonderful,’ she says, ‘is that it only takes 59 seconds do the job, which seems like magic to me (although it’s actually some very scientific use of UV-C light). By using light, this steriliser avoids exposing you and your kids to any harmful chemicals.’

Read Jenny’s full write-up here. 

How the Munchkin Mini Steriliser works

The cube-like Munchkin mini steriliser uses UV-C light to zap bacteria and viruses. In less than a minute.

Our testers also loved that the Munchkin 59s Mini Portable Steriliser:

  • Kills 99% of bacteria and viruses in 59 second, including Staph E.coli, RSV, Salmonella, Kleb, influenza and other common germs
  • Removes odour-causing bacteria — great for anybody who has smelled a ‘sour’ dummy
  • Uses UV-C light rather than chemicals to sterilise
  • The UV light shuts off when the unit is opened so it’s child-safe

‘It’s the only way to sterilise when you’re on the go,’ says Ali.

About the Munchkin 59s Nursery Steriliser

The Munchkin 59s Nursery Steriliser uses the same technology as the Mini Steriliser. However it is a ‘box’ large enough to sterilise toys, plush animals, mobile phones, keys, remote controllers, tablet computers and other items. It can be used in the home or taken with you to keep larger items clean on the go.

What Crummy Mummy says:

Natalie of Crummy Mummy asks what we assume is a rhetorical question: ‘Ever worry about unmentionables lurking on soft toys and the surfaces of toys that you can’t simply bung in the washing machine?’ Er, yes.

‘As a mum of four it’s fair to say we’ve amassed rather a lot of toys over the years and the question is: How can you really keep them clean, especially when they come with labels like ‘sponge clean only’?’ she says.

That said, anything she brings into their busy home has to ‘really earn its place’. ‘We simply don’t have room for anything that doesn’t get used!’ she says. But even this jaded mother of four was surprised at how well it fit into her routine. ‘Being a new mum for the fourth time round, I thought I’d pretty much seen it all, but nothing prepared me for Munchkin’s UV Nursery Steriliser which is such a clever gadget,’ and she also loved the mini steriliser and the Steriliser Bags. 

Natalie of Crummy Mummy with baby and Munchkin nursery steriliser
Putting the Munchkin 59s Nursery Steriliser to use. Picture: Crummy Mummy

Best of all, they let mum be mum: ‘In the crazy world we currently live in, inventions like this are just what I need for peace of mind so I can concentrate on the bigger things in life, like raising this little munchkin!’

Read Natalie’s full write-up.

What Alice’s Healthy Lifestyle says:

Alice Kadri with baby and toddler on picnic
The nursery steriliser on the go. Picture: Alice’s Healthy Lifestyle

Alice of Alice’s Healthy Lifestyle uses it with her new baby and her toddler son. She’s found it especially good with stuffed animals that tend to get thrown around and ‘loved’ alot. She keeps it in the nursery, where she can easily pop in items. Five minutes later she retrieve them clean and sanitised. The fact that it packs downs and is lightweight has meant she can also take it with them on outings, such as this one to this park (left). 

‘This is every mother’s dream item — especially when we get to the stage where my baby Sami will want to put everything in his mouth.’

Read her full write-up. 

Our mums also tried out the Munchkin Steriliser bags. You put in up to two wide-mouth bottles and some water and microwave for 2 minutes. Presto: sterilised bottles without chemicals or a long wait. It also works with breast pump parts.

Check out all their posts to see these and the other Munchkin products and see them in action!

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Sunday 30th of August 2020

This is such a great summary! The sterilisers are indeed such wonderful product and I'm glad to have been introduced to it this time around.


Thursday 27th of August 2020

We love our Munchkin UV sterilisers, they're absolute game changers. As soon as my baby gets a new toy it goes straight into the nursery steriliser before we give it to her.

Crummy Mummy

Thursday 27th of August 2020

It's so interesting hearing all the different feedback and how everyone else is using theirs - such clever gadgets!

Alice Kadri

Wednesday 26th of August 2020

This is such an amazing article! We love our sterilisers. So easy to use. Very impressed.

Zena's Suitcase

Wednesday 26th of August 2020

These products sound like a huge step forward for keeping toys and equipment sterile. I would definitely have bought these when mine were babies. There's a few toys that could do with them now as well! I can see them being useful for many years

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