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BritMums blogger Joanne Gray at Mother of Teenagers selects the best advice on raising teens and tweens for this month’s round-up. Discover tips from fellow parents on everything from planning for the school prom, to earning extra pocket money and even what to buy them for Christmas!

Sharing is at the heart of everything we do and that is never more evident than in the blogging world, with numerous posts offering top tips and advice for all manner of subjects.  Whatever your question you can guarantee someone out there will have been there before and have the answer and it certainly doesn’t stop when you get to parenting tweens and teens, as is evident from this month’s featured round-up posts.

Prom, pocket money and homework

A milestone for any teenager finishing school is the Prom, a tradition which seems to have escalated not only in significance over the years, but also cost and this is particularly true if you have a teenage girl in the house with their extensive grooming needs.  Amanda at The Ana Diary shares her insights on expenses from her experience this year in her post How Much Will Prom Cost Me? which aims to help those parents who may be thinking about planning ahead and setting a budget.  Having only been through this previously with a son, I personally found this invaluable in terms of flagging up some areas I hadn’t thought about.

Financial independence and budgeting are vital life skills but a conundrum faced by many parents of tweens and teens is how they can go about earning money for themselves, after all it is not as easy as it once was.  However, Megan at Truly, Madly Kids shows it is not impossible and in her post How The Teenager Makes Extra Pocket Money shares details on how her daughter got creative in making money of her own to help fund her ever-expanding social life.

Meanwhile Sarah at Mum of Three World shares her invaluable insights on How To Get A Teenager To Do Their Homework. As many of us can testify there are no hard and fast rules and certainly what works for one may not work for another, nevertheless it doesn’t stop us all looking for advice.

How to entertain teens and tweens

Finding things to do with your tweens and teens as a family as they grow up can be challenging but it is not impossible. Going to the theatre is a popular one in our household whether to see a comedy show or a play and living in London we are sometimes spoilt for choice.  The Girl Who Fell – A Play For the Social Media Age is my post on a darkly humourous new play about the suicide of a teenage girl and the role social media has to play. Running until the end of November it is well worth a visit.

Internet Safety is a hot topic and the role of parents in educating their tweens and teens on the pitfalls is an invaluable one.  Sonja who is the brainchild behind Teen Girl Podcast UIO writes an invaluable post Everyone Is Responsible for Internet Safety emphasising the joint effort required by parents and teens alike to not only be aware of the problems but also the importance of being willing to tackle the issues. As parents I think we would all agree that whatever their age we can never be too vigilant.

A firm family favourite for activities that successfully transcend the ages are board games.  Emma’s post Educational Board Games For A Family Night In does exactly what it says on the tin and gives first hand advice on which games will not only bring you together with your teens but challenge them intellectually and perhaps you too!

For those days when a trip out is what is needed Clare at Flip Flops or Wellies gives her recommendations on Christmas Days Out with Teens & Grown-Ups in the South West and is full of useful and fun ideas to keep the whole family entertained.

Tips for gifting to teens

With Christmas firmly on the horizon and an eye on encouraging our teens to look outside the bubble and think about others, Liberty On The Lighter Side explores different ideas for gifting to your teen in her post Give A Gift That Supports A Charity with a focus clearly on the charitable side of the festivities.

I hope that you all find something of interest here and will give anything you find that you love a share.

Please remember to keep submitting your posts throughout the month, we always need help finding great content and couldn’t create this wonderful platform for sharing on teen and tween issues without you.

Until the next time.

Jo x

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