Teens & Tweens: Navigating the teenage years

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Parenting is a journey of discovery but most parents of teens & tweens would say it takes on a whole new meaning in the secondary years.  Those glorious milestones of the early years of teething, crawling, walking and talking are suddenly replaced by those of puberty, drinking, rebellion and more.  As parents we have all been there as teenagers ourselves but it doesn’t make navigating that journey any easier and especially not just because we were once in that position ourselves – in fact many would say it actually makes it harder.

The selection of posts shared this month from the community of teen & tween bloggers are a testimony to the many challenges that face us all on our respective journeys.  They also give all of us in a similar scenario encouragement and hope for the next hurdle ahead, at the very least because they remind us that we are not alone – after all isn’t that one of the best bits of blogging?  Sharing our stories of trials and tribulations and of course caring, even if sometimes we feel like we don’t!  If you haven’t read them already pop over and give them some love and if you have, an extra word of support never goes amiss.

  • Sarah @MumofThreeWorld has had her fair set of teen hurdles to accommodate this month with her daughter’s first period and her son’s first drink.  A double whammy for sure.  Sarah recounts her experiences and reactions to both with her usual dose of sensibility and humour.  We could all learn a lot from her.
  • On the subject of periods there is no rule book that says it’s the mother’s domain and Nigel @DIYDaddy writes a compelling post about the importance of Dads being in on the act of discussing periods and pads with their daughters.  Husbands take note!
  • Spreading the dad blogger love I have to make room for a mention of a favourite of mine Enda @Endastories who always writes so eloquently about the trials and tribulations of the teenage years and there is no bigger teenage challenge than the tantrum.  Is there an answer?  If there is I doubt any of us have found it yet but the ongoing search is one of the joys of this parenting era.
  • Caroline @dawnoftheteenage is in a league of her own with her tale of frustration regarding Brexit and its impact upon her son’s medication for his Type 1 Diabetes.  The Brexit story is one that has consumed all our lives for the last few years but stories like Caroline’s enforce the real personal consequences and hers is told with real passion.
  • Tracey @TheWilliamsWorld draws our attention to one of the most important elements of the annual school calendar – exams and the importance of making sure that you provide your teen with the right environment to revise and navigate that journey through the horrendous reality of GCSE revision.  Her tips are truly valuable and even though I have been there once already myself, I still learnt something new.  Do take a read.
  • In my short blogging history I have been asked many times by fellow parenting bloggers the biggest difference between parenting a teenager and a toddler.  A big question indeed and one that has no short answer but compelled to give it I have to plump for learning to give up parental control.  That is the ultimate stepping stone and one that I think no parent finds easy.
  • My final shout out this month goes to Catie @SpectrumMum who guided me so carefully through my early days of blogging when she was in her previous guise as DiaryofAnImperfectMum.  Catie’s blog has evolved over the last fews to trace more specifically her experience as a parent of a child with autism.  She has done so much to educate us all who love her writing about what it means to be a parent of a child with special needs.  I have adored reading her many heartfelt pieces.  She has now decided to take a break from blogging whilst she supports her son on the next part of his journey through puberty and adulthood.  I am sending her my warmest wishes and encourage any of you who haven’t previously to pop over and take a flick through her posts.

I hope you enjoy this selection of posts and will pop back next month for more.  In the meantime.  Happy Easter and don’t forget to email your posts for the next round-up to [email protected]



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Jo is a freelance writer and blogger at Mother of Teenagers. Previously a PR consultant for 20 years, Jo lives with her husband and two teens in London, whilst harboring a desire to return to the coast . Jo’s blog is a glimpse at the reality of parenting during the secondary school years and beyond, as well as comment and opinion on the issues and challenges teenagers face growing up. Jo also enjoys writing about a range of topics related to midlife and her own experiences of this secondary life stage. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @motherofteensuk.