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Oversharing details about our children on social media and where to draw the line in terms of protecting their privacy is a subject of much debate, but this is nowhere more prevalent than in the world of parenting a teen or tween.  To this age group what others think and say about them really matters and the last thing they want is their parents humiliating them online to a bunch of strangers no less.

It’s a delicate balancing act for those of us with children in this age group and why we have to think carefully about what we write and perhaps get a little creative.  There are less specific diary style posts in this age group and more discursive and opinion pieces using personal experiences to inform posts which I think makes it a particularly intimate and supportive network and this month again there are a plethora of wonderful posts to highlight.

One special lady in this community Susie at So Happy In Town, deserves a special shout out and a high five to top all high fives, for her incredible fund raising efforts for YoungMinds with her #itsoktofeelshit t-shirts.  So far she has raised an incredible £5000 and is set on going further.  If you haven’t already lent your support please do.  My youngest loves her t-shirt and with her GCSE’s fast approaching is wearing it pretty much everyday!  Susie has also written this month about the Do’s & Don’ts of Life With A Tween/Teen – which is packed full of good advice for those who may be either starting out or already in the throes of navigating this secondary parenting journey.

Suzanne at Expat Life with ChickenRuby has been there and got the t-shirt several times over in terms of all phases of teen, tween and young adult parenting and as such always has a pearl of wisdom to share with us all.  She wrote a fantastic post this month Blogging About Teens which definitely deserves a look.  In it Suzanne discusses the conundrum presented by how to blog about this age group without sharing personal details and photos and highlights techniques that many of us will be familiar with.  She also emphasises how important it is to remember that parenting is not the only thing that defines us and to remember the person behind the blog too, after all we all have something of our own to add to the story.

Fellow BritMums editor Liberty on The Lighter Side is on the verge of entering the world of multiple teens in the house and takes a moment in her last post to reflect on Some of the (well) hidden perks of having a teenager which is a refreshing look at the many upsides of this parenting stage, which can be so easily forgotten and overlooked amidst all the inevitable pressures of somersaulting hormones, exams and quite simply growing up.

Continuing the theme of the good bits of parenting this age group is Megan at Truly, Madly Kids who shares her recommendations of 5 good films to watch with your teens and tweens.  There is no doubt that as our teens and tweens grow up finding something that can hold the family together is a bonus and watching a film is something that all ages can enjoy.  Do pop over and take a look at what Megan’s family enjoyed.

Enjoying our teens is paramount and that is summed up so perfectly by Laura at Five Little Doves in her beautiful post For Lewis on Your 15th Birthday written which pays tribute to her eldest for the incredible, handsome, and charismatic young man he has become.  Laura acknowledges that her son Lewis is growing up, his priorities are changing just like hers did at his age and she reflects on the value of the snatched moments they have together now in a personal letter to him.  It is a timely reminder for us all to make the most of those moments we have with our children however short or insignificant they may seem at the time. 

On the subject of a Mother’s Love is my own post about the new challenges I am experiencing as a mother moving for the first time into the young adult years.  There is always something to celebrate about watching our teens and tweens mature but it doesn’t mean the journey or the challenges are over as I am finding now with my eldest.  There is always something new and unexpected and as a parent you never stop offering support and love at whatever stage.

A big thank you to all those that have shared their stories and please do remember to keep in touch with posts for future round-ups.  Until the next time.  


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Jo is a freelance writer and blogger at Mother of Teenagers. Previously a PR consultant for 20 years, Jo lives with her husband and two teens in London, whilst harboring a desire to return to the coast . Jo’s blog is a glimpse at the reality of parenting during the secondary school years and beyond, as well as comment and opinion on the issues and challenges teenagers face growing up. Jo also enjoys writing about a range of topics related to midlife and her own experiences of this secondary life stage. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @motherofteensuk.