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I was always a big believer of random, kind acts. I believe, they have an amplifier effect. The more people do good for others without asking anything in return, the more receivers will do the same. Call it karma or choose another name for it, but the good gestures will not only find their way back to you. They will also make you feel happier, content and will give you the sense of making positive difference. This is a core value to me and I’m hoping to inspire others to do the same. I do have this wonderful platform, my blog, that I also use for this: it is my way of paying forward and every month I feature a charity organisation and provide them free advertisement. 

It’s is therefore an honour to take over this column from the lovely Su, the previous editor, who now has a new job as a yoga instructor for children and I’m very glad for her as I think it is something very fitting to her charming and kind nature.

For my first post I have selected some great posts about charities helping communities in one way or another. In my communities are the heart and soul of humanity as we are all one, we are all humans. By helping communities to strive, we help each and every individual who belongs there.

First, Katie from Mum of 2.5 writes about SOFEA Community Larder based in Didcot, where she lives. Well, I haven’t heard about this initiative before. She explains: the community larder membership offers you access to a range of household food items at a weekly hub, discounts with local companies, special member events, tasting sessions and recipes. It’s not free, there is a small fee involved: £2.50 per week for individuals or £5 per week for a household. The idea behind the scheme is to make access to nutritional foods affordable for everyone, as well as reducing food waste. In my view, this is so beneficial for a lot of reasons. Not only help to put healthier food on the table but by reducing food waste it has got a positive effect on the environment too.

Then, I also found Stuart’s (aka Father Hood) post very inspiring about becoming a Team Mum. Pun intended, as Stuart is stay-at-home dad so he’s very much part of his local mum community. This charitable conglomerate’s aim is to raise money to fund much-needed pregnancy support groups in Kenya. Unfortunately, this is a much needed community support in Kenya. At the present, one out of every 26 babies dies before they reach their 1st birthday. So, the initiative does a community-led development. work closely with people to ensure our work creates lasting change and helps them to lift their whole family and community out of poverty. 

My Good Cause of the Month in March salutes all the wonderful and inspiring women I know, so for International Women’s Day I picked a non-profit social enterprise to work with, which has been just set up, so they need all the help. One World Woman aims to bring small groups of experienced, professional businesswomen to the Gambia where each person could partner with a local Gambian businesswomen and help them to improve their businesses through mentoring and coaching support. This would be a great help for whole local community as well as small businesses and female business owners.

And finally, Frances from Whinge Whinge Wine tackles a very sensitive and important issue: hygiene poverty. The Hygiene Bank had developed from a little West Kent charity and now have drop off points nationwide. The charity takes donations of unopened, unused shampoos, soaps, bath products, toothbrushes, nappies and other sanitary products that are – surprisingly – not many people think about to donate but just as much important as food donations. These are then given out to the local community, but they also donate to schools and refuges.

Thank you for all your submissions, I loved reading these inspirational posts. Together, we can make kindness the norm.

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