Shopping Hauls: Ideas for Mother’s Day!

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Ah Mother’s Day! A chance to spoil your mum rotten and treat her to some wonderful new shopping bits – or as the case may be, your own worthy creations!

So here’s a round-up of some of the best ideas for gifts and surprises for the most important woman in your life…

First up, Jenny from the Gingerbread House put her skills to the test to create this hand-made fingerprint flower bag.

It’s really easy to make (you just need a blank canvas bag and a selection of paints), plus it’s a great one for the memories of how small tiny hands were. It’s a great one for your kids to present to the their grandmothers!

Jenni from Chilling With Lucas wrote a post on a variety of gift ideas – including a favourite of mine – an online video gift box where you can record video messages for mum for the ‘wow’ effect.

Jenni’s other ideas included a beauty ritual pampering set, a gin drinks selection, a range of personalised gifts and chocolate hampers.

Meanwhile, Maggy from Red Ted Art goes one step further in her suggestion for Mother’s Day gifts – by providing printable cards and crafts. It’s a great idea if you’re not particularly crafty.

Maggy also provides a selection of other handy craft tutorials including basket paper weaving, a flower fortune teller and a pop-up heart card – all adorable!

If you or your kids are more outdoorsy, then Catherine’s twig-wrapped flower pots offer a simple project to try – and look like great fun too.

But if baking is more your thing, you can get inspired by Camilla’s Blueberry and Banana White Chocolate Chip Muffins, which look delightful (and professionally made!)

Jane from Hodge Podge Days says that the best presents are those that are handmade, handgrown – or baked! And I couldn’t agree more. So here’s some easy chocolate cupcakes for your little ones to try if you’re a chocolate fan – who isn’t?!

Finally, if you’ve just left it too late, then the best advice I can give is to buy the nicest card you can find (or even better hand make one – it only needs to be simple), and then call round your local cafes to ask if they do afternoon tea – I haven’t met one mum who doesn’t like the idea of freshly cut finger sandwiches, a great cuppa and cake to finish up with.

Whatever you get up to on Mother’s Day – have a great one!

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