Health round-up: Boobs, babies and some TLC


health round upYou may have noticed a pink tinge to most magazines this month with boobs being the talk of the town more than ever. That’s because it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month (although I’m sure you already knew that). Breast Cancer is a serious issue – over 46,000 women and around 300 men are diagnosed with the disease each year in the UK – yet, a survey by Breakthrough Breast Cancer highlights the worrying fact that most people don’t know all the signs and symptoms of the disease. The charity’s produced a handy guide about it and you can read all about it on BritMums. If you’ve written about breast cancer or Breast Cancer Awareness Month in general, do link your posts up.

Meanwhile, October has proven to be a fairly momentous occasion for me and my family. I – or rather, Chez Mummy – turns one-year-old this month (where has the time gone??!) and my husband and I decided to expand our family. If you haven’t seen our newest member of the family, then please go and have a look. He’s just purrr-fect! Yes, I know it’s not a health-related post but it’s my round-up and I’ll shamelessly plug if I want to!!

I’m pleased to report that our new little boy is settling in well and is so friendly and cuddly. My husband however, has developed a snuffly nose and, ever the hypochondriac, is convinced he has a cat allergy! On the subject of allergies, Fun As A Gran asks ‘Do YOU know how to use an Epi-Pen?. Elaine writes about her grandson who has multiple food allergies and who carries a couple of Epi-pens as part of his emergency kit. These pens are changing and Elaine has included a video in her post of her grand-daughter highlighting how to use these new style pens. A very informative post and lovely video.

Elsewhere, Janglitz from Mummy Be Beautiful had the privilege of meeting Dr Hilary Jones and hearing all sorts of useful information all about food allergies. Speaking of Dr Hilary Jones, he’s also backing an educational campaign to better inform parents about the differences between paracetamol and ibuprofen. You can read Dr Hilary Jones’ advice on pain relief for children on Working Parents United.

Over on Five’s a Fellowship, Stacey is writing a series of posts about her son who has Oesophageal Atresia. It’s a condition I had never heard of before and am grateful for the information about this condition.

Another mum who has been writing about her child’s health is Eileen from ET Speaks From Home in her post about her daughter’s journey to an eye test. It was last October that she noticed her daughter squinting but for one reason or another, but a diagnosis wasn’t made until April this year. I admire Eileen’s patience!

But, it’s obviously not just children that can get ill. Not Supermum has been given a great big kick up the backside by being diagnosed with a blood clot in her leg and is thankful that it wasn’t something much more serious. She’s vowed to lose weight and get fit and I wish her every success with it.

One last thing – don’t forget the twitter party taking place tomorrow (Friday) with Breakthrough Breast Cancer, to talk about anything breast cancer-related (signs and symptoms, mammograms, treatments etc.). You can join in between 1pm and 2pm by using the hastag #morethanalump.

If you have any health-related posts, please do link them up/add below. And I’ll leave you with this scary thought – there is only a maximum of three pay-days left until Christmas!!!!

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