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We all know we need to exercise more right? But isn’t the gym just a bit dull sometimes. Or expensive! Well, here’s a round-up featuring some much more fun ways to get fit – exercise classes! Yes really, they are fun. Even I think so, and I’m a complete disaster when it comes to coordinated exercising

If you are new to classes or even exercising in general then Water Aerobics is a great way to get started. It’s easy on your joints, you don’t feel all sweaty because you’re in the pool anyway and water adds extra resistance to boost the workout. This is a good starter post from Lylia Rose

The class I find myself at most regularly at (though I haven’t been for weeks as my poor joints will attest) is yoga. For years I was terrified of yoga because someone told me it made you do windy pops in public. The horror! This hilarious post by Island Living 365 suggests that lots of us have exactly the same thoughts when it comes to yoga! Seriously though, go try it. Your body will thank you.

If you are mad-keen on classes and feeling VERY brave from the sounds of it you might like to join Amy Treasure at a Blaze HIIT class. HIIT basically means extremely fast, hardcore exercise. Bye bye calories! I must admit I prefer the slightly more sedate. Hashtag lazy exerciser.

Another class for the thrill seekers among you is recommended by Eps and Amy. I would totally fall on my head, but check out the Pole exercise class pictures! Impressed. 

I have also been known to participate in the ever popular spin class. I like to hide at the back and only pretend to turn up the resistance because ARGH weak! My friend however is so hardcore she once nearly did a sick outside the cycle room. I’m probably not selling this one am I? I think Susie from This Is Me Now has similar thoughts…

Mum’s with new babies might want to look up something similar to One Fit Mama, an exercise class held in the Midlands, as reviewed by Run Jump Scrap – being able to take baby with you everywhere is something most of us can appreciate!

If you struggle to leave the house – for whatever reason – then there’s no reason not to turn to the classic workout DVDs! There are so many to choose from, and you can mix and match or do as long or short a session you want. The rest of the day just feels better after a quick jump around!

Of course the best thing to do with any sort of exercise you find and enjoy is stick with it and mix it up to get the best results. Maybe try not to get too gung ho and do everything at once like Carla

If you have a health or fitness blog you’d like me to share next month, just pop me a line. You can find me over at Mumzilla!


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