Happiness Round-up: Making what seems like the impossible, possible!

Happiness Round-up

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Hands up who’s been enjoying our Spring sunshine? It’s been gorgeous hasn’t it. There’s something about the sun shining that really gets our whole family grinning from ear to ear. Everyone’s mood seems to lift, and suddenly almost anything seems possible.


Like that time when I briefly conquered my spider fears and crawled into a spider filled tank, coming face-to-face with Millicent the Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula. Gulp.

When Mr Button joined the circus. #AllTheHappies

And then when one of my favourite parenting bloggers, Dawn from Rhyming With Wine, was published in the brand new book; We Need To Talk About The Conditions Of My Imprisonment. Exciting stuff!


Yes, life is feeling pretty springing at the moment, so cheers to making what seems like the impossible, possible!

New life

For some of us, aherm, there comes a time when the big 4-0 is just around the corner. Babies on the brain? Oh yes. Babies are definitely on the brain. Adding to the family at this stage can feel like a huge decision, especially if you are significantly adding to your already established brood. Bec from Kizmetcava puts it very simply. Decision made! We are doing it.


And when all is done, who needs a birth plan right? Because happiness is a 2 hour birth (wow!) and a healthy birth weight baby after having a premature baby, as told by Lyndsay-Rose from My Family Of Roses.



When the impossible becomes possible

It’s not always sunshine and smiles when you desperately want a baby of your own, and your body doesn’t seem to want to cooperate. With faith, hope and determination, one mums infertility story has a surprise happy ending… called Felix.



Happy siblings

Do you ever look at your little ones in wonder and think wow, I created them! It somehow seems impossible. I mean, one second you look like a watermelon with legs, and the next, you are cradling your very own creations. In the words of the Mad Madden’s:

Even though we’re almost 9 months in I still stop and think WOW I have twins I made these perfect little bundles …. it STILL has not sunk in completely. Life has been such a blur of shitty nappies, teething, baby puke, sleepless nights, messy weaning and most importantly survival. These kids amaze me everyday.”


And then one day, one of them only goes and learns how to say ‘I wub you’ to the other! Que huge heart melts, happier siblings and one proud mamma in the shape of Clare from Mudpie Fridays.


A blog that changes lives

And the happies just  keep coming! There’s more amazing book news in the parenting blogger community. Aby, from You Baby Me Mummy is celebrating the release of her new and very brilliant book; Blogs Change Lives. I have this hiding under a towel in our bathroom, where I happily sneak in a few (*coughs – a lot of) pages when I’m in the bath. Shh!! Don’t tell the hubby.


For me, Aby will always be the blogger that I will look up to and think ‘wow, this is what can happen if you put your mind to something, because anything is possible, right?’

Thanks you for joining us for the BritMums Happiness Round-up this month.

Don’t forget to stop by and have a read, leave a comment or just say hello to these happy bloggers who bring all the smiles.

I love reading your happy posts and would welcome bloggers of all levels to share their posts for consideration for this round up. You are also more than welcome to stop by the Button blog for our #DreamTeam linky which runs every Tuesday.

See you next time x


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