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With all this horrible weather, a slow cooker is your perfect kitchen accessory. By just popping all the ingredients in to the slow cooker in the morning then when you come home hungry your meal is ready. This month I wanted to share with you some tasty slow cooker recipes for all the family.

Chicken recipes for the slow cooker

BBQ Pulled Pork is a great slow cooker favourite as is BBQ chicken, made in a similar way. Whilst we are talking chicken did you know you can roast a whole chicken in the slow cooker? It is really easy and well worth trying. Spanish chicken is another popular slow cooker meal you could try, or how about garlic and honey chicken?

slow cooker chicken korma recipe

Slow cooker chicken korma from A Strong Coffee

6 curry recipes for the slow cooker

Curry is a perfect meal to cook in the slow cooker so here are a few recipes you will love. Chicken and mushroom curry, keema curry, easy chicken curry, mushy pea curry, chicken korma, or Thai green curry.

Favourite slow cooker stews, chilli and casseroles

Stews and casseroles work really well in the slow cooker. Sometimes it is great to just chuck in whatever you think and create your own casserole and not just follow recipes. One of our family favourites is a sausage casserole using this recipe. If you fancy something different then how about this Moroccan chicken casserole. I keep meaning to try this smoky gammon stew but don’t get around to it. I must pop it on the meal plan next week! Another you are sure to love is pepperpot stew. All great for having a hot meal when you get home and the house smells delicious. If you need to use turkey up over Christmas then a turkey stew is a great idea.

slow cooker stew by Just Average Jen

Slow cooker turkey stew by our columnist Just Average Jen

And have you made a chilli in the slow cooker? It literally is simply putting all the ingredients in then cooking it for 4-5 hours on high.

Red meat meals for the slow cooker

On the subject of beef, did you know it is so easy to cook a whole joint of beef in the slow cooker. I just pop mine in with some stock and cook it, so simple. If you have beef you need to use up then another choice is this sesame beef, which is easy to prepare and I am assured is delicious.

Lamb is not always as easy to do in the slow cooker as it can be quite fatty. This lamb shank recipe though is perfect in a slow cooker. Remember you can just pop in whatever you fancy and make your own recipe up!

3 surprising slow cooker desserts

slow cooker desserts by Yorkshire Wonders

Tasty slow cooker desserts by Yorkshire Wonders

Did you know you can make desserts in the slow cooker too? This banana and blueberry bread sounds amazing and something I keep meaning to try. There are some amazing tasting fudge recipes you can make in the slow cooker including this Mars bar fudge recipe. If you are after something more Christmassy then how about Christmas pudding fudge?

What do you cook in your slow cooker? Do comment and share your favourites below!

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