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In the autumn when the weather is getting cooler a slow cooker could be your saviour. By putting the ingredients in before you go to work you can come home to a hot cooked meal with little stress. If you haven’t tried a slow cooker then what are you waiting for. These recipes will give you some inspiration to make some tasty meals.

Most people consider slow cooker meals to be things like turkey stew, slow cooked lamb shank and sausage casserole. There is so much more you can cook in a slow cooker though so I wanted to share them with you. It really is perfectly possible to make every meal in your slow cooker even a cooked breakfast! Here are just a few tasty ideas.

Curries in the slow cooker work really well because cooking slowly allows the spices to really infuse throughout the dish. Lamb Rogan Josh is a popular one or how about a mushy pea curry? It sounds odd but it actually really works. Keema curry is a popular one and makes the house smell amazing while it is cooking! The majority of curries work well in the slow cooker so why not pop all the ingredients in and give it a try! I find the microwave packs of rice are perfect as an accompaniment as it is so quick to make. 

If you are trying to lose weight to fit into an outfit for Christmas then how about trying a Slimming World friendly recipe. There are many to try such as Diet coke gammon or BBQ pulled pork? This alternative pulled pork recipe isn’t quite as low calories but has a homemade BBQ sauce. If you follow Weight Watchers then these slow cooker recipes may help you out. It is surprising how often healthier recipes do not taste any different.

Do you love chilli? Did you know that is a perfect meal to make in the slow cooker. This slow cooker chilli recipe is perfect and so quick to prepare. If you want to make it vegetarian using a vegetarian mince is an easy swap or alternatively lentils or mixed beans. Another good recipe with mince is minced beef pie. This recipe involves the slow cooker and then the oven though I am assured is worth it.

So many meals you wouldn’t expect can actually be cooked in the slow cooker. Our favourites are jacket potatoes, soup, BBQ ribs or even a whole chicken! I was surprised to find a hunters chicken recipe for the slow cooker and so many fudge recipes! We absolutely love our slow cooker and use it a few times a week throughout the autumn and winter. I really think you should give it a go too.

A few tips with your slow cooker

If a meal is looking a little too runny in the slow cooker an easy way to resolve this is removing the lid, laying a dry clean tea towel over the slow cooker and then replacing the lid for the last hour of cooking. The tea towel absorbs some of the steam helping immensely.

Browning sausages, or other meats first can help reduce them from looking rather pale after being cooked in the slow cooker. It does not really affect taste but does affect the appearance.

Slow cooker liners reduce the washing up and are so easy to use. For a few pounds you can buy a pack of plastic liners which are thrown away after use.

Wash up the slow cooker right after using otherwise the hot dish easily makes the left over food stick like glue!

Slow cooker recipes for autumn
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Next month for your Britmums food roundup I will be bringing you meals from around the world so if you have any recipes you would like me to consider including them do drop me an email.

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