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Now it is Autumn the summer seems so long ago. I love to cook meals which remind me of holidays. This month I thought I would share with you a selection of recipes for you to make your favourite meals from around the world. Do let us know in the comments of any foods you love that remind you of holidays too.

A taste of Asia

If you are looking for something a little oriental then how about making a full chinese fakeaway? If you want something a little lighter then what about a Chinese lettuce leaf wrap? Many dishes can be made in advance so you can have the perfect take away style meal. If you prefer Thai food then how about this Thai salmon green curry for something a little different? This slow cooked Thai beef curry is great if you are out for the day and want to come back to a tasty meal already cooked. Sesame chilli potatoes might be the perfect accompaniment to a meal too if you have not tried them you really should.

What is your favourite Indian food? I love vegetable biriyani though other favourites are jalfrezi and tikka masala. How about you? Do you enjoy making a good curry? Here are a selection of curry recipes you may like to try. Have you tried Indian desserts? They are always so tasty so this Kheer Indian rice pudding sounds amazing.

Something European

If you prefer food from a little closer to home then how about this Chicken Souvlaki kebab with halloumi salad from Cyprus? Maybe an Italian meal is more your kind of thing, how about this recipe for a healthy home made pizza? I am a big pasta fan so make a lot of pasta dishes. One I love is Mediterranean vegetable lasagne. This chicken fajita pasta bake is a firm favourite in our house too.

Do you like a Turkish kebab? This doner kebab recipe is really easy and so much less fattening than a take away too. If you are looking for something full of Mediterranean flavours to accompany it how about this couscous?

African Delights

In Africa there are some amazing flavours including Moroccan food which is full of flavour and spice. This Moroccan chicken casserole is easy to make and definitely full of taste. Have you ever tried Nigerian Jollof rice? This recipe is a way you can easily make it yourself and it is just as amazing.

Flavours of America

Burgers really scream America don’t they? This recipe for beef burgers is easy and will enable you to make them healthily too. If you prefer Mexican foods then grab some taco shells or fajitas and make up a tasty mixture to add to them. Here is a lovely guacamole recipe to make alongside.

Do you like Jamaican jerk chicken? This Caribbean rice and jerk chicken recipe will be popular in your house and is really easy to make too.

Do comment and let us know what your favourite foods from around the world are. Next month I will share with you some comfort foods for cold nights when you want something to warm you up.

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