Etsy & BritMums: Start your own business in 2014

Etsy & BritMums partnershipDo you wish you could spend more time developing your artistic side? Do you love buying vintage, but worry your house is starting to look a bit too much like an antique market? #ProjectNewYear is here to help.

Over the next few months, we’re excited to partner with Etsy to share new projects and ideas, and encourage you to get creative by setting up your very own Etsy shop. Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade goods and vintage items; it provides independent, creative small businesses with tools for success. Countless full-time Etsy sellers are mothers from around the globe who enjoy the flexibility an online business affords them to work on their own terms.


Credits image: Mathilde Aubier from MathildeShop

One woman’s shop: An item from Mathilde Aubier Illustrations

Etsy sellers and Admin alike have signed up to show you the ropes and share their own small business stories. You can follow the #ProjectNewYear hashtag via Instagram and Twitter for even more handmade inspiration and info.


Image Credit: EggbertAndTurkey

Embroidery from EggbertAndTurkey

Etsy Makes Starting Your Business Easy

Imagine having the chance to follow your entrepreneurial impulses without risking your savings account. Our friends at Etsy have offered to help BritMums readers get motivated this January and February to do what they’ve always wanted. Learn from Etsy experts in a 4-week program designed to help you ramp up a creative business and find customers online.

Week 1: Starting a Home-Based Business
Week 2: Getting Help From Your Community
Week 3: Connecting Your Brand With Customers
Week 4: Marketing and Promoting Your Shop

Check back each week for new articles from successful shop owners and Etsy Admin from around the world. See how fun and easy it is to start a business, and become a part of a thriving entrepreneurial community.

Don’t forget to follow along with the project at #ProjectNewYear on Instagram and Twitter for the inside scoop. Join Etsy’s team Mother’s Finest to connect with other Brit Mums readers looking to learn more about starting a business.

Open an Etsy shop before February 14, 2014 and you will get the unique, limited-time benefit of one-on-one insights from Etsy Admin Martijn & Francesca! Francesca and Martijn work on the Seller Outreach team at the Etsy office in Dublin, and work hard to make sure new sellers start out on the right foot. They will help you personally to get the most out of your shop with tailored tips and tricks.

Open your shop today

 If you’re ready to open your shop this month, Etsy and Brit Mums are offering a promotion to give first time sellers a helping hand. Click on the link below to receive your first 20 shop listings free. Be sure to check back over the next four weeks to learn inside tips from Etsy experts and keep growing your business.

Open your Etsy shop today!

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  1. 16 January 2014 / 19:10

    Oh I’d love to do this… no idea how/when/whether I would but I like the fantasy! lol xx

  2. 17 January 2014 / 09:45

    What a fabulous collaboration!

  3. 18 January 2014 / 21:00

    I’ve had an online shop on Etsy since 2007. I sell a range of handcrafted vintage fabric bags, accessories, housewares & trims.

    At first I ran it alongside my freelance work. When I had my daughter in 2009 I couldn’t return to my freelance work due to high costs of childcare. I decided to focus my time on Pouch. It allows me to work in the evenings and I have made a modest part-time income over the past 4 years. I make a part-time income because I work when I can, juggling many tasks such as PR, marketing, blog writing, product photos, products listings & post office runs. With a young child it’s often hard to find the time to put in the hours needed to make my business grow…but if you have enthusiasm & a love of creating, then I’d say go for it!

    Etsy has opened up a whole new world to me, I’ve met lots of amazing crafty and creative people, some have gone on to be ‘real life’ friends. I am also a features writer for UK Handmade Magazine which was set up by a group of people who met via Etsy. The magazine goes from strength to strength and I support the #buyhandmade movement.

    I will watch #ProjectNewYear with interest on twitter and if I can be of any help to new sellers, then give me a shout!

    I’m @pouchbags on Twitter

  4. 18 January 2014 / 22:37

    I want to echo Pouch too and say go for it! I’m another person who has done it in the last couple of years and am happy to give advice if anyone wants to contact me on Etsy.

    My only word of warning is that it’ll probably be much harder work and more time consuming than you predict, and a massive learning journey. BUT… if its something you are passionate about, you won’t mind this and will get absorbed into it and love it. (anyway…. mums can do hard things easier than anyone else!).

  5. 24 February 2014 / 17:43

    I’m considering etsy to sell some tapestry and cross stich samplers I’ve made but I’m struggling to clarify copywrite etc.
    If I’ve used a chart printed in a magazine or a shop bought kit to make a completed piece of work – can I sell it or is that breaking copywrite laws?
    Thank you

    Emma x