Health round-up: A new year and new beginnings

health balls roundup 610Happy New Year and welcome to 2014!

With the festivities and merriment of Christmas now behind us, January can seem dreary to a lot of people. Not for me though. I prefer to see January as the start of an exciting adventure, an adventure that can go anywhere I want it to and take any form I choose. A whole new year stretches out before us all, ours to shape however we want to.

It’s a new beginning and one that I am embracing this year. I’m sad to announce that this health round-up is my last for BritMums, but excited that the reason behind my decision is to concentrate on my freelance work. I’ve been writing this monthly round-up for 2 years (wow, has it really been that long?), but my aim this year is to get back to my journalism roots and focus on my freelance feature writing.

2014 is definitely a new start for Emma who writes Crazy With Twins. After a year dominated by cancer treatment, she received some exceptionally positive news from her cancer treatment results – she had beaten cancer! It’s amazing news and I’m so pleased for Emma and her family. She has now set up a national fundraising campaign called #EmmasArmy to raise money for Cancer Research UK in May this year.

Meanwhile, Katie at Mummy Daddy Me has a new beginning and is taking the plunge into the world of self-employment. She’s also taken up running in an effort to get fit and lose a few pounds (not that I think she needs to). Meanwhile Podge from Hodge Podge Days has chosen swimming as her fitness activity of choice to help her go ‘from fatness to fitness‘. And Autism Mumma is seeing in the new year with a return of #WobblesWednesday, her linky all about getting fitter, healthier and losing weight. If you’re trying to do the same, why not link up?

Incorporating exercise into your daily routine can be a real lifestyle change. If you’re trying it but finding it hard, head to All Baby Advice where Mirka has some tips for sticking to an exercise routine (this is a sponsored post, but does contain some useful advice).

One person who certainly doesn’t need to worry about her health too much is Sarah who blogs at Mum of Three World and appears to be ridiculously healthy, according to a free NHS health check.

On a more serious note, January has seen some bloggers opening up about health issues. Amelia who writes the new blog The Appletree has opened up about her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and wants 2014 to be the year she is able to move forward and deal with it.

Kip Hakes has written about his dark passenger; a personal account about eating disorders. It demolishes the idea that eating disorders only affect teenage girls and I would recommend taking a read and showing your support to Kip for penning such an honest post.

And on The Motherhood, Alison tackles the issue of postnatal depression and why it’s important to speak up if you’re struggling. It’s in response to an article by Esther Walker about the reality of motherhood and that feeling bored, exhausted or overwhelmed by the arrival of a new baby is normal, not necessarily signs of depression. If you’ve got a view, head over to the Motherhood and let them know.

I’ve had a great time keeping up with all of your health posts over the last 2 years. If you’ve got a health-related blog post, do keep ’em coming and let BritMums know. I’ll be back now and again with the odd guest post and you can always find me for a natter on twitter or see what I’m up to on Chez Mummy.

Stay healthy!

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