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Handmade folding bags made in India for The Secret Pillow project

I’m bringing a good selection of all kinds of different charities to learn about this month. It’s fantastic to see how so many people are getting involved in raising awareness for different issues. Even better, lots of brands and companies are joining in sharing social responsibility. We all have the power to help: giving our time, money, knowledge, raising awareness. Enjoy this month’s round-up.

The Secret Pillow Project

Fashionmommy writes about the Secret Pillow Project brand new initiative this month. This incredible project has helped to empower women in India, giving them a sense of financial independence and entrepreneurial spirit. They have a new product: The Secret Shopper. For every 100 bags sold, another maker group can be trained to make the bags. Read this uplifting article on Emma’s blog.

Arthritis awareness

Many people still associate arthritis with the elderly. Whilst it is not common amongst children, it is still important to be aware that children can get arthritis. Increased awareness leads to faster diagnosis and treatment and better long term outcomes for children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. The Beesley Buzz has a great post to read as part of her efforts to raise awareness and funds for Juvenile Arthritis Research. She also talk about her daughter and their experience living with the disease at very young age.  

Mental health matters

Next, we have Emily from Twin Mummy and Daddy, who’s decided to run the London Marathon 2020 and won a ballot place with the Shaw Trust. Shaw Trust is a charity helping to transform the lives of young people and adults across the UK and internationally. They help disabled and disadvantaged people into employment and independent living. It’s not her first Marathon though! Read all about it here.

Elisabeth from Where Roots And Wings Entwine shares a post this month about The Lions Barber Collective charity and the City of London Corporation teaming up to hosted an event on World Mental Health Day to celebrate the emerging role of barbers in mental health and suicide prevention. A fascinating read about how the collective trains barbers in how to spot the symptoms of mental health and depression, whilst encouraging men to talk to their barbers.

Recycling and reducing food waste

And finally, I have a post for you too: I went on a Zero Waste Cookery Class recently, organised by Small Change, Big Difference. They do free cookery workshops for Londoners. It’s a London-wide campaign aimed at tackling food waste. In London households alone around 910,00 tonnes of food is wasted every year. Small Change, Big Difference aims to promote healthy sustainable food and encourage Londoners to increase their food waste recycling while also reducing the amount of food wasted.


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