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It’s September, which to me, somehow always felt a little bit like the start of the New Year. It’s probably something to do with going back to school and all the changes related to it. Even now, as my children are back to school and nursery. I don’t do new year resolution but I do September resolutions: I’ll sort lots of things out whilst the children are in school, I’ll do more exercise when I have child free time, I will volunteer and take part in more school activities. Also, keep paying it forward, as much as I can. I’m sure I’m not alone with this. So if you’re want to do your bit, and looking for charities to support and inspirational stories and here’s a few of them to read. Giving money is never the only way of getting involved!

So first, I have an emotional post for you from Viv about the importance of pulse oximetry tests in new born checks. Pulse oximetry is a quick and non-invasive test that can be carried out on a newborn baby to find out the percentage of oxygen in their blood. A low oxygen percentage could be an indicator of an infection or a life-threatening heart defect. To read how UK hospitals are doing on improving the numbers and how Tiny Tickers, the charity behind the initiative helps – read Viv’s post.

Through a little boy’s story, Amy Marie’s post is about the Alder Hey Children’s Charity and their newly installed technology in the rooms to help divert attention away from the treatment or medical examinations. This technology helps to transform what can be a scary experience into an immersive magical world where children can escape from reality and be free from fear and anxiety. And how does it exactly work? Read it on Amy Marie’s blog.

I’ve posted about it last month too, but Oxfam’s Secondhand September is very much underway – so if you have any favourite or recent gem you found in a charity shop, don’t forget to post about it and use the tag #secondhandseptember . So, this month, Oxfam has launched a Second Hand September campaign. They are asking people to pledge to stop buying new clothes for 30 days. Jo from A Rose Tinted World shares her tips and tricks when it comes to second hand shopping in her post.

And last but not least, I have Lucy’s post about BookTrust, the UK’s largest children’s reading charity. So they did a bit a research and they found that only just over half of children aged between 8 – 11 speak with their parents when they are feeling stressed, sad or worried. As a parent to young children myself I find this figure quite distressing. But, BookTrust has some ideas for us – so check out Lucy’s post to find out how.


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