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I hope you are all enjoying the summer holidays. I’m back again, to bring you a selection of recent blog posts that are raising awareness for a charity or non-profit organisation. As it’s summer time, August in fact, many of us family bloggers has been spending time with the children since school is out, travelling, enjoying a staycation and fun, local day outs. As any parent, we take time to spend with our family too as blogging and work can take a backseat for a little time. But I was busy reading and loved discovering the posts and good causes I found out this month. 

The first one is from Fiona blogging over at Savvy in Somerset, trying to raise awareness for Oxfam and their #secondhandseptember, that is an initiative to encourage people to buy second hand rather than new. I’m definitely up for this. Everyone who takes part pledges to not to buy new clothes for 30 days. During Second Hand September, Fiona is going to be trying to update her autumn and winter wardrobe only buying second hand AND only spending £20. 

The second is Emmy’s Mummy, Clare talking about Emmy’s (her daughter) getting a haircut and donating her hair to the Little Princess Trust (I’ve talked about this last month’s round-up too and it’s such an important issue!) Emmy wanted short hair, and Clare lets the children make the decisions on their haircuts. So she told her about the LittlePrincess Trust, and how they turn the hair into wigs for the children who are going through cancer treatments etc and losing or have lost their hair.  Read her story on her blog.

Next, I have Emma Reed, who is raising money (and awareness too) for Bliss. Bliss exists to give every baby born premature or sick in the UK the best chance of survival and quality of life. 1 in 7 babies born in the UK will need neonatal care. When this happens parents can travel an average of 27 miles to see their babies in hospital. This September people all around the UK are taking on a 27 mile or 100 mile challenge to raise money for Bliss and so does Emma. Read her amazing story on her blog.

And finally, I have a recent charity post too, raising awareness for City to Sea, which is a non-profit organisation and their mission is to connect our actions to the oceans, by giving people and businesses from all backgrounds simple ways to make a significant difference to prevent plastic pollution at the source.

I hope you enjoyed this little collection of charity posts – check back next month for more good causes to support.

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