Nadine Hill

Nadine is a busy mum (“Is there any other kind?!”) who writes the award winning family lifestyle blog, JuggleMum. Working from home at a portfolio career which includes being responsible for editorial content at BritMums, running a small business and spreading herself all over social media, she would love to wear silk pyjamas all day but is most often found in lycra. Self employed for 14 years she's been around the freelancing block a few times, as her social media name @Businessmum suggests.
Immensely grateful to be doing what she loves, Nadine's most important job is 'Mum' to her teen and tween who keep her up to date with Snapchat, Fortnite and how to do 'brows on fleek'.
You can find Nadine on Twitter and Instagram as @Businessmum

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