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BritMums leads a photo sharing community on Instagram called – #SnapHappyBritMums! We’d love you to join in with us!

It’s the end of another year, a time many of us reflect and also a time that we spend with family. We’ve loved seeing your #snaphappy moments all year, so to end 2018, we are showcasing what you have been up to this winter. Here are a few of your winter photos!

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ALL IS CALM ~ Have I wrapped a single present yet? Er no. Have I received all my presents yet, again no. In fact have I even finished Christmas present shopping yet?! I’m thinking you can guess the answer to this one! 😱 Although I now know which book Alice would like so just need to get that and buy a couple more presents for hubby (please give me men present suggestions as I always struggle with them) and a few special ones for my mum (can’t give her beautiful photos of the girls again!). So what have I been doing while the rest of insta it seems has been getting organized?! Just this, spending lots of time with my little ladies bringing the Christmas magic alive, they are at the perfect age for Christmas and I’m loving everything about Christmas with them, our kindness elves have kept us busy so has Mrs Claus, Father Christmas visits, movies snuggles etc. One thing for sure though is ALL IS CALM, it will all get done and today the girls have their nursery Christmas party followed by a princess Christmas show at the weekend which I’m going to enjoy with my little ladies and watch their faces light up. As they say keep calm and carry on! ✨ So are you all wrapped or going to join me in the midnight wrapping session?! #xmashashtagchallenge @littlepaperswan @edinburghwithkids . . . #keepcalmandcarryon #magicofchristmas #christmaswithkids #itsthelittlethingsthatcount

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‘I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree’ unless they come like this 😍 ‘All I want for Christmas is you, yooooou baby’ 💗 Is it everyone’s last day of work today? Christmas party? Big Friday night out out before the big day? We’re getting ready to go pick up the last few presents needed and to do a booze shop then hopefully bumping into friends for a festive 🥂 No big night out for a 2nd yr running though we’ll then be back home for night 2 of incorporating a more structured bedtime routine, why I’ve done it just before Christmas when mini diva will be up enjoying with the rest of us is questionable. Anyhow last night was a disaster, she cried, I cried, my friend coaching me through the 5 minute ‘control crying’ intervals over the phone nearly cried. It took approx 2.5 hours, I felt like a witch but I knew once I’d started I had to keep strong. I’ll post the full ordeal on stories when Ariélle is napping but coming off my phone now to shower her with attention & make sure I haven’t traumatised her too much that she now hates me! Happy Friday 💋

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