Health: Healthy pumpkin recipes for autumnal dishes

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Want to reduce food waste and get creative this Autumn? These healthy pumpkin recipes will keep you busy while the kids carve out faces in their pumpkins.


Pumpkin is fairly neutral and some might say bland by itself, but that’s why it’s such a versatile ingredient, as it adds moisture, fibre, and vitamins to make recipes tastier and healthier. This often means you can use less oil or fat in recipes too, which reduces the calorie content. 


If you’re reading this at other times of the year you can find tinned pumpkin in some supermarkets and online. Or make use of the pumpkin flesh the kids churn out when making their Halloween pumpkins. 


The basics and round-ups


Make your own pumpkin puree while you have a pumpkin at home, instead of buying tinned


Plenty of healthy ideas in these two recipe roundups I created for The Fit Mum Formula here


And here




Coffee cake with benefits!

These muffins are boosted with protein and the icing is practically a superfood!

Could this be the most fruit and veg packed, nutritious banana loaf ever?

Don’t be fooled by the name, these brownies are healthy enough for breakfast!




Add a healthy twist to your hummus with pumpkin added. This recipe is much lower in fat and calories than most shop bought versions

On their own or as part of a main meal, pumpkin and buttermilk add moisture so you need much less butter in these scones

Use wholegrain flour in these oaty cookies for a hearty but healthy snack. And don’t throw away the pumpkin seeds! Roast them like you’re shown how here

Or add some flavour to your seeds like maple and cinnamon

Shop bought cereal bars are often full of refined grains and sugar, so make your own! Such as these pumpkin granola bars

Like sausage rolls but meat free and with added vegetables. Reduced fat cheese or a naturally lower fat cheese like feta would also work and be lower in saturated fat.

Adding vegetables to your smoothies instead of pure fruit reduces the sugar content. This recipe contains at least 3 portions of your 5 a day!




Keep it simple with this ‘bung it all in’ pumpkin soup on a budget

Or add a fun Halloween twist!

Pumpkin itself is rather bland, so add highly flavoured ingredients such as bacon , miso , or curry


Savoury Recipes

These Indian flatbreads have only two main ingredients , serve them with a protein filled main dish and pumpking raita

Pumpkin infused Mac n’ Cheese is a good way to get some veg into the family , or try this more grown up version

This veg packed risotto uses barley for a tasty and nutritional twist

Reducing your carb intake? This lasagne uses pumpkin instead of pasta!




This veg rich pudding is nutritious enough its fine that there’s some sugar added. You might want to skip the clotted cream if you’re wanting to lose weight as it’s very high calorie

The popular Pumpkin Pie gets  a health makeover

Rich but nutritious, these tasty bars are best eaten with a spoon!

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