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14 British mums and dads to follow on TikTok

14 British mums and dads to follow on TikTok
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This edition of the B List features some of the most notable UK TikTok parent influencers — the mums, dads and kids who create the funniest, most entertaining and even educational content about family life and the parent experience on TikTok.

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14 TikTok parents you should follow now

1. AllThatIsShe 

This creative family account features mum Dominique and partner ‘boy Dom’ and quirky, stop-motion videos showcasing two daughters and their dog. Dominique was a teen mum. Now she’s a creative TikTok’er who is creating a distinctive visual world on her channel.

2. Refelicity 

The Harfin family share funny updates from their lives in lockdown, with lots of videos featuring mum and son being silly and — can we say musical? OK, then, musical! (2.1M Followers85.3M Likes)

3. Jonathanjoly

Jonathan Joly tiktok account screenshot

This popular family with four kids, all under-10s, entertain with silly, inspired videos that demonstrate TikTok skills begin early. (868.2K Followers, 27.5M Likes)

4. ThePeloFam

These TikToking parents with three young kids feature everything from yam porridge to family antics to one of the best child versions of Bop It that we’ve ever seen. (18.6K Followers, 597.3K Likes) 

5. thekabsfamily 

Funny, high-spirited and full of singing, dancing and the occasional prank, this feed is created by the popular YouTuber family the Kabs. These high-profile content creators are a family of 5 and capture the joys of family. More than half a million followers can’t be wrong! (657.8KFollowers 6MLikes)

6. thefamileigh 


Father and son creators Travis, Paul and Harrison are famed for their pranks and entertaining take on TikTok dance challenges. (170.6K Followers 2.8M Likes)

7. The Curious Pixie

Sima Sthanakiya began TikTok during the first lockdown and her account has exploded. She shares travel tips for families and anyone else interested in exploring the UK and world. High-energy bite-size tips! (102.4k followers, 1.7m Likes)

8. Shakina

‘I’m kinda funny,’ says this Birmingham mother and we agree! Tune in for her unique take on parenting, kids, even eggs. (26.9k Followers, 1.5m Likes)

9. Myleene Klass

Myleene Klass on TikTok

Classically trained Myleene and her kids started doing TikTok together and give music “klasses’ to their 43k followers, along with other lessons and good-natured fun. (43.3k Followers, 412.9k Likes)

10. TotallyChatters

A mum of three shares personal insights about family life, the state of being a modern woman, wine drinking, etc in delightful pieces to camera.

11. NoHoldenBack

Amanda Holden on TikTok

Amanda Holden is a wife, mama, actor….and totally killing it on TikTok! (993.1k Followers, 7.6m Likes)

12. MamaStillGotIt

Mamas Still Got It

Model and mum Louise Boyce blogs at and shares humorous TikToks that comment on the mum experience in lockdown, at home, coping with kids and much more. (48.7 Followers, 1.2m Likes)

13. Rabatts

Rabatts on TikTok

Satire? Comedy? Real life? Recently she played tennis on a homemade court in the garden and told a fox to &*£@ off. Pour us one while we enjoy the TikTok parent life with Clara Batten. (118.8k followers, 2.6m Likes)

14. BritMums

Your favourite influencer network has joined TikTok and is growing its account — join us! From a lockdown mum sourdough satire to vegan chickpea curry to missing Fridays the way they used to be – this new account from BritMums is on the rise. 😄

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Carly Crawford

Monday 23rd of November 2020

Great list! I was already following a few of them but glad to have discovered more. Any chance of being added to the list?

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