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Parent Influencers: 10 tips for TikTok beginners

Parent Influencers: 10 tips for TikTok beginners

TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, with a youthful audience and an increasingly influential stable of creators. It’s been downloaded more than 8 billion times and since lockdown, its popularity has been growing, with followers and with brands. It has the potential to be the next big thing, perhaps challenging the Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. As a result, TikTok provides a unique opportunity for creators. 

Even if you are a beginner or just starting out on the video platform, TikTok could quickly become one of your most valuable social channels. But the question for many older influencers is how to use TikTok — what kind of content do I create, how do  I know what works, how does it fit in with my blog and other social media?

Here, we tell you why and give tips to start, curate and grow your TikTok channel.

TikTok is – one of the funnest, most addictive platforms out there with loads of options for content creators. Its vibe is not picture perfect like Instagram, but spur-of-the-moment, real life – with lots of people being silly, dispensing advice, sharing their experiences and generally having fun.

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are mature social media platforms. While TikTok is well-know among teens and young adults, there are fewer older creators, providing an opportunity for those join the platform now.

It’s easier to build a TikTok following now

Unlike other platforms, where many influencers struggle to markedly increase their followings, it can be easier to find your audience and carve out your niche. TikTok are actively looking to expand to an older audience — and older content creators.

You can show a different side of your brand

Because the format on TikTok tends to be looser and more personality-driven, it’s a social media where you can grow or explore different aspects of your brand. Because the video clips are short, the audience can be a bit more forgiving and you experiment without necessarily affecting your core brand image.

Parents need to know about TikTok

Tweens and teens consume a lot of TikTok content. Knowing the kind of things that your child is viewing and how TikTok operates puts you more in touch with them and helps you guide them and discuss the things they are viewing. 

Don’t forget about personal data and digital safety

As with any platform, it’s important to read and regularly review the fine print about the personal data the platform gathers. TikTok’s owner, ByteDance, is a Chinese multinational company. Some have raised concerns about its collection of user data and maintain that the company sends large amounts of personal data to servers in China. It’s important to always be aware of the type of data you are sharing and to supervise and educate your children about their data as well. 

10 best TikTok tips and tricks for beginners

  1. Claim your channel now (before someone else does!) 
  2. Sign up for the Pro option – As with other social media platforms, this provides you with analytics. How to create a Pro TikTok account: Start by creating your account, then go into Privacy and Settings–> Manage My Account –> Switch to Pro Account
  3. Change your user name. What? we hear you say. When you sign up, you will have a channel name and TikTok will also assign you a user name which is a bunch of numbers along the lines of @user3658692. Your user name is what shows up when you comment, so change it to your brand/channel name
  4. Start producing content. Do a simple challenge or meme, a short clip – just get something out there and have fun!
  5. Use trending hashtags – You’ll find these on the discovery page and they help you tap into what people like now
  6. Use trending audio – Also on the discovery page. To use the audio, tap on the round ‘record player’ icon in the lower right hand corner and you’ll get an option to ‘Use this sound’
  7. Get more control over your finished videos by downloading the Inshot app for smartphone video editing of your TikToks
  8. Repurpose content that you’ve used for your blog or other social channels. This is an opportunity to give it a new spin.
  9. Post frequently. 
  10. Do a collaboration with other TikTok’ers as a way to widen your network, make connections, find followers and create cool content.

Find more advice about what kind of content to make for TikTok, hear advice Sima at The Curious Pixie who has begun TikTok with a bang and get started on creating your new successful social media channel!



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