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There is no doubt that becoming a parent is full of surprises. Among those is what the experience of caring for a newborn is really like. That’s where newborn baby advice from other parents comes in! There are the things you learn, the things you never would have expected (poonamis, anyone?) and the things it turns out you already knew.

Our #MamiaWisdom Twitter conversation, sponsored by Aldi Mamia, was all about the things you knew and the things you didn’t expect when becoming a new parent, which resulted in some heartwarming and often hilarious stories and advice for life with a newborn.

Things you (probably) already know about life with newborn

Don’t sweat the small stuff – babies really are resilient! @KayeWillan

The thing I learnt (with hindsight) is that all things pass, you will not instinctively know everything and that it’s perfectly OK to take time for yourself @angep1969

I was quite calm about my little one. I felt like we were in tune, which I was really surprised about as I felt that I knew nothing about babies before I had one! @littlelilypadco

That as soon as your baby is born, mama instincts kick in and you should always trust them! Push for help if you think you need it, ask the questions and don’t be afraid to do so @Tantrums2Smiles

That I can survive on very little sleep – and still smile! @AModernMother

Acknowledge that your standards are going to slip and accept that you’ll be leaving the house with vomit on you somewhere or leaky boobs. Once you come to terms with this you’ll be much happier 🙂 @craftcartwright

That they open their eyes straight away! Don’t know why I thought it’d be a week @CateMcAllin

Prepare to be exhausted. Keep calm. Take yourself to bed early, and take each night as it comes. Take baby into a dimly lit bedroom for the last feed of the evening – that helped mine settle! Oh and ASK for help if you’re worried! @Goriami

I would say, don’t be afraid to ask for help, even if that is just baby watching while you have a bath, or just need an adult chat. Also don’t be afraid to turn people away when you need time to yourself. @thesoupdragon44

Tips from others: The best newborn baby advice for new parents

I’ll never forget my health visitor asking me (when I thought I wasn’t coping) would you rather have a tidy house or a happy baby?! Still use this advice years later LOL @missielizzieb

The best piece of advice I was given as a new parent was to remember that this is all new to your baby too – you’re doing the best you can and you are in this together @Thrifty_Mumma_

I had a maternity nurse who described our baby making noises as ‘talking’ — ‘That’s how she communicates. It’s not all complaining’ she said. @JHowze

Newborn baby advice to help with sleep & sleeping through

My newborn tip is to get them used to sleeping in noisy, well-lit places and also being transferred in and out of car and pram while asleep so that you can still get them to sleep like this as they get older! @amumreviews

One of my biggest tips I learnt from having my first newborn is not to rush in as soon as they make a little sound. With my 2nd I would leave him for a few minutes and he would often fall back to sleep!! @imperfectmummy_

I lived in a bungalow and my children’s bedrooms were close to the kitchen. They settled much more quickly if the tumble drier was on! @MummyBarrow

Don’t keep everything silent – you’ll regret it later on. Do the washing while they’re asleep, have a shower, get dressed around them – have you time! You don’t get much so use it wisely. If you creep about them, you’ll be doing it for a couple of years @KirstyT25

I used to stroke my baby’s eyebrows to get her to sleep. She’s 11 now and still sometimes asks me to do it! @missielizzieb

Do what’s right for your family and baby. You don’t have to sleep train if you don’t want to. You know what’s best @MamaPreneurRev

Be prepared for the fact that you will often be their preferred pillow. Just make sure you have snacks/drink/book/phone to hand before being trapped by the sleeping baby! @angep1969

Best breastfeeding newborn baby advice from new parents

Breastfeeding is not as simple as latching on!!! @FoziaAkthar1

As a new mum I learnt breastfeeding wasn’t as easy. You assume because it’s natural it should be straightforward but it’s not! Both you and baby need to learn how to feed. My advice – don’t panic, there’s loads of support out there! @summerfun110


Nappy-changing hacks

They will wee at the exact moment you take the nappy off…Boys in your face but girls are more covert….. you won’t notice this until you’ve changed them and see it’s soaked up their back @SlummyMummyBlog

Have everything ready: nappies, wipes, nappy bags, cream and even an extra vest just in case they wee/poo while halfway through changing. This has happened to me loads of time with my two @2ophieMD

Distraction! Make sure your baby is holding something valuable to them so they are distracted when you’re changing them — a toy, your phone on their tummy, or their daddy kissing their cheeks @KirstyT25

The best advice I got in hospital was to put a cotton wool pad on my son’s willy at every change. That saved many a wayward wee hitting me or the wall @angep1969

Speed is key! Oh and pull those clothes/vests up as far as you can! You might be surprised how far babies can wee/poo once you take that nappy off and it saves clothes getting wet or soiled if it does happen! @Tantrums2Smiles

Dealing with poos…and poonamis

We had a poonami experience once that lead to me and baby hiding in the toilets while hubby bought us BOTH new clothes! @MamaPreneurRev

In the event of poo-leakage (grim!) take the vest off from top to bottom. Most baby vests enable you to roll down from the top which avoids spreading the poo everywhere. It took a while, and my son having poo in his hair, to realise this! @mamabear0309

Always have your changing bag stocked up with baby wipes & extra towels in the car for emergencies! @KayeWillan

If they’ve leaked and it’s an actual poo crisis I take them into the bathroom, get the shower to the right temperature and then strip them over the bath- the onesie gets a tiny rinse before being thrown in the wash and it’s much easier clean head to toe poop with a shower! @underroofblog

Newborn baby bath tips

When I had my first, he hated baths at first (we were using a baby bath) and the midwife said, ‘Would you like having a bath that barely covered your toes and was lukewarm?’ Since then, I put baby in the bath with me and they both loved it! @Tantrums2Smiles

I couldn’t believe how slippery they are! So I found I was happier with a towel on the bedroom floor with a small baby bath. You can then also choose a nice warm draft-free room! @thesoupdragon44

I used a bath that has moulds to fit the baby in, used it for all 3 and now it’s been passed on to my nephew. It also suits the sitting up stage. Newborn babies are like little eels @BryonyAShaw

Best newborn baby advice for new dads

Skin-to-skin cuddles aren’t just for mum. They’re great for dad bonding as well! Watch out, though, baby will sometimes try to latch on @underroofblog

I learnt that my husband was fantastic at giving my babies baths and since I did all the feeding and changing, it gave him time to bond. @10milewalk

I’ve learnt that preparation is key if I’m going to get out the house promptly with baby! Get Dads involved too in helping to pack the changing bag then all set to go the next day, pack spares of everything! @RachelLou09

Really good reminder that men sometimes don’t help not through ill will but lack of know-how particularly if brought up very traditionally in the past @kateonthinice

I feel lucky that parenting to me has come so naturally. I don’t know how or why but it’s like I was meant to be a dad. It’s always been my purpose, I just had to wait for it to happen. @davidanddonetta

I think society is making it easier. Good to see baby feeding and changing facilities in men’s toilets now too @chelseamamma

My husband took over doing bedtime for our kids and that was his time with the kids since I was home with them all day whilst he was at work. He loved doing the bedtime story, night bottle and tucking them in and it gave them time to bond together! @Tantrums2Smiles

Children will always need their parents


Shopping and saving at Aldi

I was quite late to Aldi Mamia, but swore by them when Sebby was in nappies – stocking up on them now for my daughter who is expecting in December @Chelseamamma

When it comes to weaning, Aldi have the perfect selection of pouches including some with hidden veggies! Bubba loves Aldi Mamia yoghurt and spag bol @Thrifty_Mumma_

I love how many supermarkets have “mum” friendly toilets. It was always my fear to be halfway round a supermarket & baby needed changing. But there is nothing to worry about – our Aldi has all the facilities needed & a toilet big enough for a pushchair! @littlelilypadco

Snacks are a toddler’s best friend and Aldi UK carrot puffs and tomato wheels, which are perfect for encouraging self feeding @Thrifty_Mumma_

Toddler’s hair in a tangle? Try using Aldi baby shampoo and gently combing through whilst in the bath @Thrifty_Mumma_

Don’t forget the treats, as a parent you gotta treat yourself too now and again! Aldi offers loads of good treats from wine to cake @BryonyAShaw

What newborn baby advice would you add to our list?

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