Current Affairs: Opinions on gender stereotyping, Brexit & the anti-vax movement

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As usual, there have been tons of brilliant news-related posts floating around in the mum-blogosphere, tackling various topics on the news agenda – here are just a few highlights. Thank you to everyone who contributed this time around.

Shall we get it over and done with and mention the dreaded B-word first? Go on, then. Hayley at Miss Many Pennies has just updated her very clear and very helpful round-up on what Brexit might mean for us normal folk… which is more than anyone in Westminster seems able to do at the moment. Fancy standing for parliament, Hayley?

Rosie at Busy Mum Lifestyle has taken umbrage with the US journalist Lara Spencer, who criticised young Prince George for having ballet lessons. Rosie makes a hard-hitting point about how, in light of high male suicide rates, it’s imperative that we let boys know they are ‘allowed’ to follow pursuits that interest them and be who they want to be, rather than conforming to age-old stereotypes. Hear, hear.

On a similar theme to Rosie’s post, Kate at The Less Refined Mind writes about gender stereotyping in this piece, which comes after new advertising guidelines were introduced to ban harmful gender stereotypes. Kate flags how the topic can sometimes be difficult to navigate with young children, and how she addresses it within her own family.

Natalie’s latest Crummy Mummy post is about the controversial Channel 4 show How To Train Your Baby Like A Dog. The programme caused an uproar, but Natalie argues it features plenty of common-sense parenting advice that belies its title. I’ve not seen it but am keen to catch up following Natalie’s recommendation (in the vain hope that I can indeed train my ‘spirited’ two year old…).

There’s been a huge amount of media focus lately on childhood vaccinations, the rise of the anti-vax movement and the worrying increase in measles cases; at the time of writing there were calls from a group of senior GPs for unvaccinated children to be refused school entry. Laura at Loopy Lou Laura and Claire at Life Love and Dirty Dishes air their views on the subject in their recent blog posts.

Nicola at Happy Tums has some easy suggestions for ‘eco swaps’ in this post, following the latest warnings about the damage we’re doing to the environment.

And continuing the green theme, Cass at Diary of a Frugal Family is encouraging us all to stop frittering away our cash – and damaging the planet in the process – by putting the brakes on our fast fashion habit this month for Oxfam’s Second Hand September. It’s a great initiative; who’s in?

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