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The Airo review: First look at Mamas & Papas most compact lightweight stroller

The Airo review: First look at Mamas & Papas most compact lightweight stroller
Woman with son and baby pushing Mamas and Papas Airo stroller in park

A lightweight stroller is essential for all busy parents. As a mum of 2 boys, anything that makes life simpler and more time efficient is perfect for me – and I’m sure any parents reading this will agree with me! When running errands, getting around town or travelling, it’s also essential to have a compact stroller. I’ve found that so many pushchairs can be bulky, heavy and hard to manage while I’m holding my baby and simultaneously looking after my older son, who’s almost four. That’s why I was so excited to review the new Mamas & Papas Airo stroller, the compact foldable pushchair designed for mums just like me! (This post is part of a campaign sponsored by Mamas & Papas. I was supplied an Airo stroller and compensated for my time. All opinions are my own.) 

woman on crosswalk with Airo stroller

Review: A small folding stroller for car journeys

As we live on the outskirts of London, a compact pram is important for gliding through the streets of London with ease and getting on and off public transport. I also know that getting in and out of the car can be dreadful – it always has to be done as quickly as possible before my older son (nearly four years old) gets frustrated waiting for me to put the baby in a pushchair, retrieve the changing bag and get everything ready. I’m in a race against time every time we set off for an adventure together.

The Airo lightweight folding stroller is designed to be easy to stow and unfold. As you can see in the pictures below, the Airo is super compact and fits neatly in the boot. Getting it out and ready for our baby is a snap. My husband shows how quick and easy it is to put up in the BritMums Instagram feed – click on the Review highlights. Now when we take the Airo with us on a day out, everything is smooth and quick getting in and out of the car.

One-handed folding stroller

Perhaps one of the most exciting features for a lot of mums and dads is that you can fold this pushchair one handed! (My husband demonstrates in my Stories how to do it whilst we were out and about.) I am genuinely thrilled at how quick it is. You also don’t need a superhuman grip to operate it, which means anyone will find it easy to operate.

Woman in city pushing lightweight Airo stroller

The stroller you can carry as a backpack

Once you’ve done the one hand fold, you can take advantage of another great feature of the Airo that shows they’ve thought how parents really use travel strollers. You can carry the Airo as a backpack! That means leaving your hands completely free rather than having to juggle a pushchair in one arm and baby in the other. 

You can see my husband wearing it on his back as a backpack with ease as it’s super lightweight. Such a great travel pram!

Dad and our son head off for an outing: Wear Airo as a backpack and you have both hands free

You can also wear it on just one shoulder comfortably. 

A great stroller for getting around the city.

So we know that the new Airo stroller is the most lightweight stroller from Mamas & Papas and that it’s easy to fold, stow and carry. The other things I really love about it are how stylish and super slim it is — which make it perfect for city living and great for travel. I’ll definitely be bringing this along the next time we fly away for holiday.

And when we get home, it stores easily by the front door – so important when you need to keep it in a narrow hallway. We hardly notice it’s there! 

Finally, I love the matching changing bag. It looks chic too and makes me feel more pulled together when going out and looks good on Dad too!

Compact Airo stroller folded up small in the hallway with matching changing bag
Stroller and matching changing bag, stowed easily in the hall!
Airo stroller and matching changing bag stow easily in the car boot
For longer trips, it’s easily tucked into the boot

The Airo is my new go-to lightweight compact stroller – perfect for days out, travel, trips in the car, going abroad and using around town. 

The Airo stroller review – comfortable for baby

It’s super cosy and comfy for Sami – there’s a sitting up and lie-back position – and you can also remove the footmuff. All of the fabrics are machine washable, and they have a premium feel with luxury trim details. The matching changing bag has the same quality materials and comes with a changing matt and bottle case.

The Airo allows baby to sit up….
Baby in compact Mamas & Papas Airo stroller in lie-back position
…or to lie back to rest.

There is a removable bumper bar to keep Sami safe and they can face towards you or away. 

Overall this Mamas & Papas pushchair is the ideal family stroller, perfect for families who live in towns/cities, don’t have much storage space, travel frequently or who have a small car boot. 

An easy-to-carry stroller, with one-handed folding that makes family outings easy

What’s the most important feature for you in a lightweight stroller? Is it the ability to fold up small, navigate narrow walkways, lie-back for baby or some other feature?

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