Video Round-up: Body confidence for summer

With the recent beautiful sunshine comes the inevitability of wearing less clothes. It’s easy to hide underneath jumpers and coats, but as summer clothes appear it tends to make us think more about our bodies. So for my first BritMums Video Round-up I wanted to look at how the community is feeling about how they look and what they are doing to feel more body confident.

The first video is an inspirational one which has caused a few waves and even led to a string of bloggers getting their kit off on Instagram! Molly Forbes talks about body confidence after kids and gives anyone chasing the ideals in magazine a pep talk. If you are feeling a bit down about your body and hate the idea of wearing a bikini this is a great video to watch.

While Molly’s video is inspiring there are still many of us (yes me included) who would be happier and healthier a little lighter. My summer clothes are either maternity clothes or a size smaller than I currently am so if I’m going to save myself a fortune I need to look at what I am eating and exercising. A few bloggers have shared what they have done to make themselves feel happier.

Jen from My Mummies Pennies is talking about her first week on a shake based diet and stepping up her exercise. I am excited to see how she doe over the next 7 weeks and she will be sharing an update each week on her YouTube channel.

Kirsty from Life With Boys talks about the 5 things she has been doing differently this year to feel more ready for the beach. In the past she has tried low calorie diets and found her self trying to constantly diet so this year she has mixed things up to find a routine she can stick with and help her tell more confident.

Jen from Just Average Jen talks about how she went from a size 30 to a size 6 to 8 in a bid to be happier about herself. She talks about how while she still doesn’t feel happy about her body every day she does feel so much better in herself, the weight loss encouraged her to start running and it has come with some unexpected moments, including a beautiful one with her son.

Sarah from Toby Goes Bananas started Intermittent Fasting last year after a string of other diets. She talks about how it works and how she has got one with this style of eating which allows you to eat pretty much what you want, but only for a number of hours each day. This is a great way to beat the cravings that come with so many diets.

Eilidh talks about what she eats on her ‘good days’ as a busy mum with the help of protein shakes to help banish her mid afternoon junk food craving, but she keeps it real by talking about her bad days too.

What I liked about all the videos where they were talking about diets is they all mention exercise too, whether that was something encouraged by weight loss or just apart of their life anyway. So I thought I would end with this video from Plutonium Sox where her children talk about keeping fit as a a little reminder that at some point we all thought exercise was fun, and maybe we all need to get in touch with our inner child to make sure we are all enjoying what we do.

So, do these videos help you to feel more summer ready? Let me know in the comments!

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