Party Inspiration Round-up: I’m back at last!


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I’m finally back – and I’m so sorry to have been away so long.  To cut a very long story short, my Dad was diagnosed with Cancer, and then something in my brain decided to do amiss and rendered me unable to walk straight for about four months. Anyhow, finally, I’m getting myself back together again and I was so excited when I read all of the parties that have been sent to me for a peep at!  I promise I won’t be away as long again – please send me your parties and celebrations!  There is nothing like a bit of party food to cheer everyone up!

So, let’s get started!  I just LOVE the ice cream themed party over at Treasure Every Moment – and that donut wall!  Genius idea and something I’d love to have on my table every weekend!  The DIY party bags are the sweetest – homemade is always adorable and make beautiful keepsakes too.

Over at Anklebiters Adventures, there’s a brilliant post walking you through the set up of a pre-schooler party, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed too!  Often it can be a little bit overwhelming trying to make sure you have everything done for a party and this post really helps to get you organised.

If you’re searching for LEGO-themed party inspiration, head over to Mum of 2.5 and take a peep – I love, love, LOVED the party bags!  I couldn’t decide which one was my favourite!

One of the parties close to my heart this month was the Disney’s Mickey Mouse themed party hosted over at Dear Mummy Blog.  Everything was so neat and pretty, and Oh, boy!  I loved it.  

If I had my way, every party I ever threw for my boys would be full of rainbow food – if you’re as obsessed as I am, head over to Blissful Domestication and see the rainbow cake pops and other delicious party treats!

There are unicorns and mermaids galore over at Play & Learn Every day  as they celebrate Ivy’s fourth birthday in style – and my boys have been trying to convince me to make edible Minecraft mushrooms with them after spotting them over at the Gingerbread House!

Finally, if after all of these parties you’re wondering whether you could scale back a little, take a look at Welsh Mum who’s all about the experience and not the cost.  Downsizing parties is discussed in detail along with ideas for minimalist celebrations!  As for us over at Keep Up With The Jones Family, it *is* party time, and we’ve been remembering our Mario and Yoshi Party but we have something else up our sleeve – I’ll tell all next month!

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Sara-Jayne is a former Big Four insolvency lawyer turned Disney Bride who really, truly just wanted to plan birthday parties for little people, make pretty cupcakes and capture cherished memories through her lens. This rugby-loving [and playing] Nikon-girl can be found squinting at Photoshop through the early hours, blogging at Keep Up With The Jones Family where she documents life in leafy Hampshire with her hard-working husband, three blond boys and two rather mischievous huskies. She has a particular fondness for The Manic Street Preachers, Tetley Tea, white Chucks and of course, Mickey Mouse.