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Sunshine, longer days, flowers blooming but are your finances looking as rosy? This month we focus on moving, mortgages and the alternative of extending your home. As always we look at all aspects of your finances from set up a spending diary to sorting out your children’s money.

What has the country gone mad about this month? Of course it is the Royal Wedding. None of us will be able to stage a wedding on such a grand scale. However you can still have a fabulous wedding without spending much money. Helen at The Complaining Cow has rounded up ways to save on wedding venues, dresses and catering. Have a look at Emma’s Savvy Savings for some great ideas on wedding decorations on a budget.

We all love a bit of sunshine but it does bring its own problems. Fingerprints on the windows? Check. Dust on the furniture? Check. Cobwebs on the ceiling? Check, check, check. You can shoot off to the shops and stock up on a variety of cleaning materials or you can make your own. Clare at My Money Cottage has simple, cost-effective recipes for cleaning your house from top to bottom.

Having a child doesn’t come cheap but it needn’t bankrupt you. From clothes to cots and prams to playpens Hayley from Miss Manypennies shares her tips on getting great deals and all the kit you need at low prices.

Once your children grow when do you stop supporting them financially? Is it right to treat your children differently? These are some of the issues that Tuppennys FIREplace has been thinking about as their children move onto university.

As a parent you want to give your child the best start in life. This could be in the form of education, holidays, university funding or property ownership. You could think longer term like Catherine from The Money Panel and go for a children’s pension. Do your research as there is lots to consider. If you can’t see that far in the future then Emma at The Money Whisperer looks at difference between children’s bank accounts and prepaid cards.

If you are a homeowner then your biggest monthly expense is probably your mortgage. Before you get a mortgage there’s a lot of things to consider – what’s your LTV, how big is your deposit and which lender to go with. If you are feeling baffled before you even start looking at houses then Lee at Homely Economics breaks down all you need to know.

Many people pay their mortgage each month without thinking how much cheaper it could be. As Eileen at Your Money Sorted explains why you shouldn’t you pay more for your mortgage for exactly the same house. If you’re not sure about the difference between variable and fixed rates for your next mortgage then Sara at Debt Camel goes through your options. 

If you’re buying a house then the cost of your mortgage isn’t the only thing to think about. From sorting out a deposit to getting new keys cut there’s a lot to consider. Faith from Much More With Less has made a comprehensive list of all the costs you need to think about.

When we want more space in our house the first thought is to move but is it the right best decision? Kirsty at The Money Saving Mum wanted to move but then realised she could tick most things off her wish list by extending her current home.

One thing many Brits aren’t very good at is haggling. Knocking down a price and getting a good deal can make us feel very uncomfortable but remember how much money we could save! If you want to know where to start with haggling then let Cass from Diary of a Frugal Family guide you.

One place you can start haggling is on your home and car insurance. Lynn from Miss Moneypenny tells us why it is so important to look around each year even if you don’t want to!

Over in the US there’s a big financial broadcaster called Dave Ramsey. His radio show is syndicated to over 500 stations in North America. His financial advice is trusted by millions but it is very much directed towards the US market. To get a taste of his well-known ‘Baby Steps’ Charlotte Musha has gone through it and rewritten it to make it relevant to the UK.

Are you someone who finds that once payday comes your money seems to disappear within days? Once way to sort this out is to start a spending diary so you can see exactly where your money is going to. Skint Dad has a template you can download so you can track every bills, takeaway coffee and takeaway.

Being ill doesn’t come cheap. With prescription charges coming in at £8.60 per item if you have a long term or chronic condition the cost of medication soon adds up. One blogger who knows all about this is Lisa from My Money Spot and she has gone through all the ways to get your prescriptions cheaper or for free.

If you want to feature in a future finance round-up then you can contact me via my Facebook page or on Twitter.

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