Tweens and Teens: Surviving the summer holidays

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Where did June go?? For some of us here in Ireland the school holidays have arrived and we are managing how best to use the time. We are casting about for ideas on where to take the kids to keep them busy and/or entertained, and maybe more importantly, how to make sure they aren’t glued to their phones when we’re at home or even when we’re out?

In our house there are constant issues and questions around mobile phone usage, not just theirs but our own and the example we give them. I’ve discovered we’re not alone as these two parents demonstrate in their posts below:

Having a bit more free time in the holidays can be the ideal opportunity to try new things. Whether it’s teaching our kids how to care for the environment, taking up a new hobby or even discussing politics, these three posts have all three angles covered:

The summer holidays can be long, and feel even longer when the kids seem to argue with each other all the time! Relationships are an ongoing struggle, not just with their siblings but with us too.

How is your summer going so far? Share your holiday highs and lows in the comments below!

A big thank you to all the lovely bloggers from sharing their posts.

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