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Finally we have lovely weather and last month I shared with you lots of picnic recipes and ideas so this month I wanted to focus on something even tastier! Is there anyone who doesn’t like a nice drink or dessert? Surely not! If you are one of these (crazy) people then maybe this article will persuade you otherwise. 


I love a dessert or two. That is obvious just by looking at me, and why not, life is too short to not enjoy nice food. In the winter desserts with custard are perfect to warm you up. Don’t just turn to a tub of ice-cream this summer. Instead check out these amazing suggestions and find something different.


Summer Cheesecakes

I love cheesecake and think most cheesecakes are perfect for the summer. I try to eat healthily so often make this Slimming World friendly vanilla baked cheesecake. That doesn’t mean I don’t like other cheesecakes though. I have been looking for great summer cheesecake recipes to share with you on a number of blogs this month. If you love cheesecake but don’t want to wait for it to bake then this no bake cheesecake sounds good or this Bounty no bake cheesecake. A great alternative to cheesecake is this strawberry mousse cake. With Wimbledon currently on and Strawberry picking in fields across the country this has to be the perfect time of year for this one.


Do you have recipes which are handed down generations? I loved the sound of this Mother in law 3 ingredient cheesecake! My mum has a lovely baked cheesecake recipe I keep meaning to get from her and this has just reminded me!


Cakes everyone will love

Does anyone not like a Victoria sponge cake? This recipe looks amazing and would be such a perfect addition to any meal! Do you love carrot cake? I know I do, it feels so good but you can convince yourself it is healthy because it includes carrot! These beetroot brownies also sounds healthy and looks great! Have you ever heard of spinach cake though? I hadn’t until I found this recipe! I absolutely love these ways of getting more vegetables in your children!


If you like Cherry Bakewell tarts then how about these Cherry Bakewell muffins? They would be great in a picnic too, if they last that long of course!


In the summer meringues and pavlovas are perfect for a sweet treat. This summer berry pavlova sounds perfect! A great way to use any berries left over when you have been strawberry/raspberry picking! I love picking berries it is such a nice family activity, a great way to get kids eating more fruit too.



Cookies are great to have in the fridge or cupboard for when you need a snack. I have found some amazing looking recipes for cookies you will want to try this summer. How about Nutella cookies with just 3 ingredients? How about carrot cake cookies? A great picnic snack for all the family.


Pastry based desserts

Filo pastry is perfect for the summer as it is light and crispy. I love the look of these Raspberry Yoghurt tarts. I make some tasty Lime tartlets for the summer they are so refreshing. If you are looking for something with puff pastry you can just buy, roll out and use then how about this Collectives spiced pear tarte tatin?


Something Different

If none of these have taken your fancy and you want something a bit different then how about Summer berry yorkshire puddings? If you haven’t tried Yorkshire puds with a sweet filling you really don’t know what you are missing! If you are not German you would be forgiven for not knowing what Rote Grutze is, well it is a fresh berry dish in Germany. give it a try with this recipe.

Does someone in the family have allergies? This does not mean they have to miss out. I found this amazing looking recipe which is dairy free, refined sugar free and vegan recipe for ice lollies that is worth a try and will i am sure be loved by all the family. Alternatively what about a vegan, gluten free and dairy free white chocolate cheesecake? Cupcakes can be made vegan too, this recipe for vegan vanilla cupcakes sounds perfect. I have considered going vegan myself but love meringues so finding this vegan aquafaba meringue recipe made my day!


Summer drinks

I have also found you a few great summer drinks to try. This banana milkshake looks amazing! If you are not driving and the kids have driven you up the wall then these alcoholic popsicles could be just what you need. I am loving gin for a summer drink and could enjoy a summery glass of gin with fruit in along with a gin and tonic ice lolly, this recipe is even low syn on Slimming World so very guilt free! Remember though to watch what you drink if you are driving and responsible for children. An accident could really ruin your day!

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