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travelWhether it’s a new skill, a new perspective, a new understanding of an issue or a destination, or something else entirely, there are endless lessons to be learnt by spending time in different parts of the world.

This month’s round-up is about things that travel teaches us. Thank you to everyone who shared posts for this – I’ve really enjoyed reading all of them.

Travel lessons: Food

Six great vegan places to eat in Berlin

I learnt a couple of things about my teenage daughter when the two of us went on a short trip to Berlin last Easter: she’s great at finding places to eat and we’re good travel companions. She’s vegan and I’m vegetarian and she researched and chose everywhere that we ate during our trip. The food was all so good that I wrote a post about it for my blog Mums do travel.


Jo of Where Jo Goes writes about taking her kids on a food tour of Porto to learn about Portuguese food. It’s a walking tour which lasts for more than three hours – but Jo doesn’t tell her kids how long it will be! It’s interesting to read about what the family see, eat and drink on their tour of this historic city.

Cooking Up Love, Laughter and Piadina at Casa Artusi in Emilia-Romagna 

Kirstie of The Family Adventure Project shares her family’s experience at an Italian  bread-making class in Emilia-Romagna. The class takes place at Casa Artusi Cultural Centre, the birthplace of the ‘father of Italian gastronomy’, Pellegrino Artusi. In this thoughtful piece, Kirstie reflects on how the cookery lesson teaches some important life lessons.

A Cooking Class on Lake Atitlan 

Katja Gaskell of Globetotting says that a cooking class on Lake Atitlan was a highlight of a family trip to Guatamala. The experience starts with a visit to a local market, then they head to a simple rooftop kitchen to cook some delicious traditional dishes.


Katy Clarke of Untold Morsels says: ‘To immerse yourself in a country, you must understand its food culture.’ She certainly does this when she takes part in an enjoyable half-day cooking class in Florence, starting with a trip to one of the ancient city’s local markets.

Travel lessons: Outdoor activities

A beginner’s guide to cross-country skiing

Trish of Mum’s gone to… shares her experience of learning how to cross-country ski on holiday with her husband in Finland. They enjoy the trip so much that they want to try it again, possibly in a different place. Reading Trish’s post has made want to try cross-country skiing too.

Angkor Wat cycling tour with young children

Emma Chaplin of Our Fairytale Adventure writes about her time at Angkor Wat with little ones in tow. She says: ’It was so interesting learning about it as a place, with so many things that seem so ahead of its time. It also made me think about how war has ravaged kingdoms across the world.’


Jen Howze of Jenography (and BritMums, of course!) learnt how to sand surf in Colorado last summer. She loved the experience and shares her tips on how to do it, including how to avoid getting a ‘sand beard’!

Travel lessons: When travel is difficult

PDA Airport Stresses and Some Helpful (and Less Helpful) Accommodations

Steph of Steph’s Two Girls shares a guest post by Sally Cat, who has a Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA). Using her own experience of flying, Sally explains the difficulties posed by air travel for her and for others with PDA, as well as what she’s learnt about what helps.

Travel lessons: Parenting

Venice with Kids – A Family Holiday or Not?

Suzy McCullough of Our bucket list lives writes about visiting Venice with a young child. Although the city is known as a classic destination for couples, Suzy says that her son loved it there and that the trip was a success. She says: ‘It taught us that young children really can appreciate it too and shouldn’t be left at home.’

Why I’d rather my daughter travelled than married

This post by Cathy Winston of Mummy Travels was inspired by a survey. The survey found that a greater percentage of parents want their children to have travelled extensively by 30 than want to see their child married or to have found a life partner by then. Cathy reflects on what she’s learnt from travelling and why she’d like her daughter to travel.


Karen Edwards of Travel Mad Mum says that although her travel life has changed drastically since having a baby, it also improved in many ways. Read Karen’s post to find out about her positive experiences of travelling with a child.

Taking a Road Trip Down Memory Lane to Make New Memories

Clare Coleman of Wild Mama – Wild Tribe would like her children to learn about the happy family holidays which she and their dad both enjoyed as children. She says: ‘We’re taking a road trip to our favourite memory spots to make new memories for our children’. They’re planning trips to Spain, France, Yorkshire and Cornwall in order to do this.


Ting Dalton of My Travel Monkey is a firm believer in the benefits of travel for families, and here she explains why. She says: ‘Travel teaches a person, young and old, life experiences that cannot be taught in a classroom or learned from a book.’ I’m with Ting!

Far-Flung Lands: Transformational Travel for Families

Victoria Westmacott believes that travel is ‘an opportunity for kids to acquire skills and knowledge through first-hand experiences.’ Her blog, Far-Flung Lands, is about places where children can be immersed in cultures which are significantly different from their own, because she believes that this is the best way to learn.

10 reasons to travel with young kids

Jenny Lynn of TraveLynn Family enjoys travelling with her young children. She believes that travel is the best education, and explains why family travel works so well for them, and how they’re making the most of the time before the children have to start school.


Leona Bowman of Wandermust Family loves travelling with her baby, and here she explains how much she’s learnt about life and parenting through doing this. It’s a thoughtful and insightful post to read.

Over to you

What has travel taught you? Do let us know in the comments below.

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