Teens & Tweens Round-up: Great spring reads

Spring has been a little slow to make its mark this year. The daffodils are blooming. Our teens are heading out the door without a coat. However, temperatures refuse to rise for more than a few days and large parts of the country have been blanketed in snow! From what I could see in the fields around my home, the tweens and teens enjoyed this as much as the younger kids. If not more!

This is the time of year when the exam season clearly comes into view. There are plenty of mocks, practical exams and national literacy and numeracy tests looming on the horizon. As always, a dedicated band of tween and teen parent bloggers have shared their posts with me this month. Here’s a sample of the brilliant variety that I have seen over the last few weeks.


  • I share my recent post from my blog After the Playground which is a comprehensive guide for students and parents of students about choosing university halls of residence accommodation 
  • From Old House in the Shires, there’s a super useful on the practical ways in which you can help your teen prepare for those all important exams. This could be one you want to come back to in May and June too! 
  • There’s a great post from What do you do called TEENAGE SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS AND HOW TO PREPARE! on a subject that is rarely written about from a parenting perspective but which can cause a lot of stress and concern. It’s great to get the conversation started on this one. 
  • From The Mad House of Cats and Babies there’s a brilliant post comparing tweens with toddlers called Tweenagers are basically toddlers. This one is certainly worth a read if you have tweens. 
  • From Raising my Autistic Son there’s a wonderfully positive post called 12 Things I love about Autism. This post was one of my favourites. 
  • Hopefully, as the weather improves, you will find this post called 5 WAYS TO GET YOUR TEENAGERS INTO THE GARDEN from Falcondale life invaluable, especially as the exam stress ramps up. 
  • Finally, I share my post on how you can get a safe piercing for your tween or teen and avoid some of the potential health issues. 



So, that’s all for this month. I’d love to hear what you thought of them. There’s plenty more each week in the #TweensTeensBeyond linky on my blog. Good luck with the rest of this term. If you have a blog post that you think will be useful for Mums and Dads of tweens, teens or young adult children I would love to read it. You can submit it for consideration by emailing me at [email protected]. Take care and I’ll see you next month.

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