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The exit sign for my thirties is fast approaching.  Having turned 39 I can no longer say I am in my mid thirties.  To be honest it was an exaggeration to say it when I was 38.  So as middle age looms over me, I feel the situation is best handled with humour.  Therefore this months LOL round-up is bringing you all the giggles about birthdays and getting on a bit.


Birthdays when you have kids…

It’s quite something when your small people get more excited about your birthday than you.  Especially when their excitement means they wake you up even earlier than normal to announce that it’s your birthday.


15 Things That Will Definitely Happen on Mummy’s Birthday by Cardiff Mummy Says

11. I won’t get to blow out any of my own candles because my children will insist on doing it.

12. At least five times.


How Your Birthday is no Longer Your Birthday When You Have Children by Island Living 365

Pre-children you would paaaaaaaaarty hard and possibly fall asleep in the nightclub toilets, with a lipstick penis drawn on your forehead (oh, just me then?) Post-children you fall asleep on the sofa and wake-up to find that your kids have covered you in Teletubbies stickers.


The Signs You Are Getting Older

I always think you can tell you are getting older simply through music, and more specifically cover songs:

  • Step one: You love the song and your Dad keeps harping on about the original being way better.  You have no desire to hear the original.
  • Step Two: You love the song and can vaguely remember the original version too.
  • Step Three: You like the song and you own the original version on vinyl.
  • Step Four: You don’t really like the new version and the original that you have on CD is much better.  You also sound a lot like your Dad.
  • Step Five: You can’t stand the new version, but to be fair the original was just a load of noise too.

Here are some more signs you are getting on a bit…


10 Signs You Are Falling Into The Parenting Uncool by Motherhood: The Real Deal

You do not book any gig, film, night out or similar if it starts at 8.30pm or later and leave well before things start hotting up so you can sneak off back to bed. You have officially forgotten how to chillax; and you officially have no FOMO.


Telling Signs That I’m Officially All Grown Up… And Middle Aged by So Happy In Town

I’m fast becoming one of those old people who can’t even turn on the electric toothbrush.

When something catastrophically awful happens in my kids’ lives, such as not being able to get the PlayStation to work, I find myself looking blankly at the 25 different remote controls on the table and muttering, ‘your father will fix it.’

I then inevitably go off on one of my ‘when I was your age I used to be out all day on my bike’ rants.


Do You Remember When?

Nothing makes you feel quite as old as when you talk about not having a mobile phone until you were 18 and rewinding cassette tapes.  But everyone loves a good reminice about the good old days.

13 Cornerstones of a 90’s Childhood by Pass The Wine Please

MANUALLY wind down the windows in the car – you had to work flipping hard for a bit of breeze in our day…


10 Things Our Children Sadly Won’t Experience by Brummy Mummy of 2

One of the highlights of my youth was ‘Smash Hits’. I LOVED everything about it. From the posters on the inside which I plastered all over my walls (Matt Goss be still my beating heart) but the highlight for me? The lyrics dotted throughout. I loved it. I loved the fact that I could stand in front of TOTP (RIP) on a Thursday night at 7pm and sing along to the Top Ten because without the aid of the internet Smash Hits would be the only way you would know the lyrics. 


Learning to Accept The Inevitable

After the moaning and resistance about getting older, comes the acceptance and being able to see the positives.


What I Don’t Want To Tell You About Turning 50 (But Will) by Absolutely Prabulous

 I don’t want to listen to one more person cheerfully quipping ‘50 is just a number’, ’embrace it’, ‘the next half century starts here’ (when I still want to sue the clot who claimed life begins at 40).


The Pros and Cons of getting Older by Life, Love and Dirty Dishes

6 I can wear a coat:

Remember being young and freezing your arse off because it was so uncool to wear a coat.  I don’t give two shits about being cool anymore.  But I am toasty warm.


That’s it for another LOL Round-up.  Head over to my blog Life, Love and Dirty Dishes for some more giggles and tweet me your funny posts.

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