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Pregnancy and childbirth is a truly miraculous thing, and not just the bit about something that big coming out of something that small.  But lets face it, pregnancy and childbirth is somewhat embarrassing. I mean it starts with peeing on a stick.  From little old ladies marveling your bump and inquiring about your sex life, “Was it planned, dear?”  to the part where a bunch of strangers are staring at your lady garden whilst you moo like a cow.  It’s not exactly dignified.

The best way to deal with all the bits that make us blush?  Laugh about them.  Whether you are expecting, knee deep in nappies, or have semi self sufficient kids and are firmly in the ‘never again’ camp, have a read of this months funny posts about the joys of the miracle that is pregnancy and childbirth.


You The DaddyThe 14 Different Reactions You’ll Hear When Announcing Your Pregnancy News.

If I had a pound for every “Do you want a boy or a girl?” “Are you happy?” “Was it planned?”  People are so nosy!  One whiff of a bump and it’s no holes barred on the personal questions!

Congratulatory – “Well done old chap. Well done.” “Must be good to know the old pipes are working properly!” This crew of (mainly) older men, are always extremely proud and the first to crack open the champagne or a box of cigars.


Big Trouble In Little Nappies10 Ways to Irritate a Pregnant Woman.

And lets face it, with all those hormones and a baby using your bladder as a space hopper, it’s not that hard.  Yvette sums up the most annoying things people say when there’s a bun in your oven.

Labour really hurts you know – Err yes I was vaguely aware, thanks. It’s kind of common knowledge that the delivery of a whole human from my vagina or stomach is going to smart a bit.


The Adventures of a Beta MummyAlpha Mummy and Beta Mummy Do… Pregnancy

I never had that pregnancy glow.  Either time.  I think it’s a myth!  Beth’s fantastic drawings sum up my pregnancy perfectly.  And she uses the term ‘fanny daggers’.

They add pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing classes into their usual exercise programme (which they continue up until at least 38 weeks)


Motherhood: The Real Deal20 Things I Would Go Back And Tell My Pregnant Self.

All the pre-conceived notions of labour, life with a baby, and what kind of parent we will be.  I’m not sure if I met my pregnant self whether I would hug her, laugh in her face, or give her a slap!  Talya sums it up brilliantly…

Childbirth. A bit like someone taking your top lip and pulling it over your entire body. That. Is. All.


Four Princess And The CheeseThe Pregnancy Olympics.

Nothing is easy when you are heavily pregnant.  Sitting, standing, walking, breathing!  Kirstin has come up with her very own events for the pregnancy Olympics, including…

The Stair Climb – This is not for the faint of heart…and you can only enter if you have gained over fifty pounds and/or are eight months pregnant.


MumzillaReal Birth vs Movie Birth

Why is it in movies they wake up in the middle of the night having had one contraction and make a dash for the hospital?  What about the bit where you pace the hallway, bounce on your birthing ball, time your contractions on an app, and constantly question “Is this labour?”  Sarah sums up some of the discrepancies between movies and realities…

Movie Birth: Baby pops out to delighted cries. Suspiciously clean baby is presented to a delicately flushed and very slightly sweaty mother. Father looks adoringly on.


If you fancy some more funnies about pregnancy check out my posts, Pregnancy Bloom Vs Pregnancy Gloom, 10 Ways To Bring On Labour, or Push Present: Hell Yes!

I wanted to be celebrated for what I had just done. I was so high on endorphin’s I half expected a ticker tape parade in my honour and Gary Barlow serenading me on the piano just before Ryan Gosling made a personal appearance with a bouquet of flowers.  


Hope you enjoyed these funny posts.  And if you are heavily pregnant all that laughing might get things moving!  Or make you pee your pants.  Sorry.


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See you next month.


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