Poetry & Prose Round-up: Autumn days

It’s October – phew, how did that happen?! September seemed to race by and now the leaves are turning golden, nights are most definitely closing in and the temperature is dropping. I think we might light our fire for the first time tonight! But before we leave September entirely in the dust, it’s time for a quick catch up.

The month gone by was, as ever, a creative month in the BritMums community, with children proving a huge source of inspiration. Kate from Along Came Poppy summed up, in this lovely poem, what many of us must have been feeling as the new school term started, while over at Writing Bubble I described my emotions now that all three of my boys are at school in a little rhyming piece.

Another milestone was celebrated in poetic form by Words, Rhymes and Rambles: her daughter’s first birthday, while Louise at Little Hearts, Big Love wrote about her desire to cherish the moments while her daughters are little in this heartfelt poem – we don’t want those milestones to race by too fast! Cara at Oh We Do… also wrote beautifully about maternal love and Life on Vista Street perfectly expressed how the love between a parent and child is apparent in the simplest of moments.

autumn-treesAs heartwarming as the parent-child relationship can be, there can be hard times too. With the UK’s first PND awareness week in early September, I read a number of posts on the subject of post-natal depression: The Unsung Mum and Beta Mummy both told a tale in words and pictures, while Rachael at Writing People Poetry wrote a stunning spoken word poem that I found very moving.

Other forms of love were also a source of inspiration last month with with Geraldine at Over Heaven’s Hill writing a poignant poem about lost friendship – rather heart-wrenching! Nicole at The Brightness of These Days wrote the perfect counterpart in a poem that urges us to just pick up the phone because true friendships can always be rekindled. From friendship to romance (or not always so much!) Jude at Dreamcatching shared a wonderful spoken word poem about how to help a relationship last through early years of parenting, and Cara wrote an atmospheric poem about a love affair that had ended.

And talk of atmosphere leads me nicely on to this short story by Johanne at Fifty-Something Fruitcake which was full of warmth and also rather spooky! Louise at Mother In The Middle also wrote a lovely atmospheric poem about a cliff top walk at sunset, while Tracey at One Frazzled Mum wrote a story steeped in drama and mystery that was also uplifting and encouraging. I was also encouraged by the note of hope at the end of this poem by Autism Mumma – if at first you don’t succeed…

Encouragement and comfort are some of my favourite themes so I was pleased that Sara at Mum Turned Mom had chosen the latter as her ‘Prompt’ – it resulted in a number of lovely pieces such as Lisa’s Life‘s poem about the reassuring qualities of friendship, Becky from Diary of a Fat Bottomed Girl‘s poem about the support to be found in other people and Sara’s own piece about taking comfort in a variety of places. These poems all made me feel I was snugging up in a cosy blanket on the sofa with my family – Hygge for the soul (see, I’m on trend there with my Danish reference… not often that happens!)

Of course humour can often be a comfort too so I was pleased to read some more lighthearted pieces last month as well. Carol from Virtually All Sorts wrote a lighthearted poem about a cafe menu her daughter had written, Turning Up in Devon amused me again with the latest in the antics of her fictional village (including a poem devoted to The Great British Bake Off) and Tim at Slouching Towards Thatcham composed a rousing version of ‘Dinner at Maccy D’s‘ to the tune of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ – yes, you can hear him sing it!

Finally my lovely co-editor Victoria at Verily Victoria Vocalises threw some words of wisdom into the mix – her poem about criticism hit the nail on the head.

Remember, if you want to share any of your work Victoria hosts Prose for Thought every Thursday, while I host What I’m Writing every Tuesday for linking up any posts about writing. At Mum Turned Mom, Sara also posts a weekly prompt which is a great source of inspiration. All these linkies have great little communities so please feel free to join in.

That’s it for this month! Victoria’s away next month so I’ll be composing the next roundup too. If you’ve got anything you’d like me to include, please tweet me @writingbubble using the hashtag #BritMumsPoetry.

Have a lovely October!

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    A great round-up Maddy and Thanks for including me!