Inspirational: Mercury retrograde & spring cleaning!

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How on earth is it April? Did I blink and miss the first quarter of 2019? I mean I feel like I did, but I also feel like its been a long year. Anyone else? Has this winter just never ended?

March was a really funny month and if you’re a little woo woo, then you may have heard of Mercury Retrograde? I’m on the fence with this one but I cannot deny that March was a month where I really didn’t know my hand from my elbow. My head was in the clouds and all of my technology seemed to break too. Sound familiar? Corrie has wrote a fab blog post all about Mercury Retrograde.

March, however, was a big month for the Happy Mama Project. It launched its website! The Happy Mama Project is a free resource geared up at empowering and supporting mums to have more good days – stay tuned for that one!

Anyway, I dont need to tell you guys that sometimes Motherhood can be hard, right? Well, the amazing Kirsty from Navigating Baby has wrote a lovely post with all the reasons she loves being a Mum which gave me all of the feels.

Its been a year of reflection for me and after doing a lot of soul searching and research I have finally put together my guide on healing from a traumatic birth. I’ve already had some lovely feedback for it and I hope it helps someone!

Lastly, have you got over your spring cleaning buzz yet? Kirsty from Life With Boys has shared her anti passion for cleaning and hilariously declared that shes hired a cleaner!

How was your March?

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Georgina Clarke is a Mum of two. Her children have a sixteen month age gap so due to having almost back to back pregnancies and the chaos of a toddler and a newborn she threw herself into health and wellness. She wanted to make sure she was always on her a-game so that she could thrive within motherhood and avoid feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. She decided to share all of her research with tried and tested techniques so that other mums could feel their very best too. You can read all about her story and tips over on her blog.

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