Teens & Tweens: Managing technology, teaching and tantrums

Teens and Tweens Columnist Liberty Henwick tackles the tricky subject of handling teens and tweens use of technology, from the question of when they should have their first phone to whether using a tracker is an invasion of their privacy.

Well, hello there everybody! I hope you are enjoying the Spring so far? We have been buffeted by storms, floods and gales, and I’m not only talking about the weather! We may face turbulent times in our homes as our tweens’ and teens’ journey through adolescence, but these years are exciting times of discovery too as our children mature into young adults!

Tips for handling teens and tweens use of digital technology

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Whether it be their safety online or their use (or abuse?) of devices, our current generation of parents are forerunners in this arena and we are still finding our way. These first four articles address issues around this topic:

  • Sarah from Boo Roo and Tigger Too writes about how to kid-proof your smartphone. This is especially handy if you don’t want your smart older kids having access to your online purchasing details!
  • As our children reach their tweens and early teens, the pressure is enormous for them to get their own phone. There is hardly a child without one nowadays! Knowing what age is the most appropriate can be challenging. In this piece Emma from Emma and 3 writes about getting her tween a smart phone and not feeling any regrets.
  • And finally, Nigel of DIY Daddy asks: Is putting a tracker on a smart phone is an invasion of your child’s privacy? We obviously all want to know where our children are for peace of mind, but how much control is too much control?
  • A huge area that all parents are struggling with nowadays is our children’s online presence, we need helpful advice and information on how to protect them from cyber bullying and other threats. Liberty from Liberty on the Lighter Side reviews an online security platform that is specifically geared towards parents.

Teaching isn’t always all about school

Teaching and guiding our kids into maturity isn’t always all about school, but apart from their screens, schooling takes up the other biggest chunk of their time at this age. Although we have been through the schooling system ourselves, as parents we have to face different issues to those we faced when we were children. Here is a round up of blog posts written on a few different aspects of school life:

  • Angela from The Inspiration Edit is faced with the quandary of not having doctor’s notes for school when they ask for one a period of absence. Because she has had illness due to viral attacks or allergies, she has not brought her daughter to the doctor. What do you do when the school requires proof that your child has been sick and yet it hasn’t been necessary to take them to the doctor?
  • When our child takes up a new sport we know nothing about, we have a host of questions around gear, training, matches, travel around the countryside – you name it! Joy, the blogger behind the PinkOddy writes a very helpful and informative article all about her son taking up rugby at school.
  • As adults we have a wealth of experience and knowledge but we don’t always know how best to share it with our children. In this poetic piece about writing, Enda of Enda Stories describes how his own writing experience overlaps his daughter’s homework assignment.

And the tantrums?

We know that tantrums aren’t reserved just for toddlers. Our teenagers are specialists in this area too! Sabina of Mummy Matters gives us some very helpful tips on how to parent a rebellious and defiant teen

I hope you have found something to help, encourage or inspire you in our round up this month?

Thank you for stopping by and see you next time!

Liberty xx

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