Charity: ways to show your support this Spring

This month BritMum’s charity queen Eva Katona at Captainbobcat shines the spotlight on some lesser known charities to support and shares some tips for supporting sustainable fashion by using charity shops instead of buying new. 

This month I’m highlighting some goodwill posts from myself and a few fellow bloggers. A good variety of causes to support and some not so well known charities too. 

Mental health matters

Mummy Snowy Owl writes about the charity organisation called Mind. Every year 1 in 4 of us will experience mental health issues. Many go through it without help or support, not wanting to open up to family and friends or simply not having anyone to talk. Mind believe no one should go through it alone. They can give support, advice and if needs be, fight your corner.

Over at Boo, Roo and Tigger Too we can read some top tips for using physical activity to improve your family’s mental wellbeing. In support of Children’s Mental Health Week (3-9 February 2020), the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, a charity working to equip young people with the skills to look after their mental wellbeing, has shared its top tips for encouraging your family to become more active and to experience the benefits of exercise for mental wellbeing. 

Spotlight on Hydrocephalus


A very niche charity, called Hydrocephalus charity caught my attention on Kate’s blog – I have never heard of this condition, it’s a fascinating read over at Kate on Thin Ice. Caroline shares her powerful story about her son Harry who has the condition. Like so many inspirational mum who already have loads on their plate, Caroline has set up a Hydrocephalus charity to support people from diagnosis and beyond.

Marathon for Mencap

The Coastal Mummy writes about her husband running the London Marathon and supporting Mencap. With her little brother, Rory having Down Syndrome, and a huge part of their life, Mencap seemed to be the perfect charity to raise money for. Read all about it in her post.

Supporting sustainable fashion

And finally, I have my own post too (over at Captain Bobcat) this month to include about the best charity shops in Kensington. I always promote “second hand first” and this year I also pledged not to buy any new clothes. Which isn’t hard at all, especially that the UK and London has fantastic charity shops. Shopping in charity shops you don’t just buy a cheap peace of clothing item. You support a good cause, that relies on charity shop sales: hospices, foundations, research institutes. You support circular economy. You save clothes and shoes ending up in landfill.

Did you find any good ideas here? Let me know.

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