Tweens & Teens: Screens, school, independence & anxiety!

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Hi BritMums readers! I’m Liberty and I am delighted to join you as a new joint editor for the tweens and teens Round-up together with Jo who blogs at Mother of Teenagers. I am looking forward to getting to know this community some more as well as getting stuck into reading some interesting and varied blog posts as I source them for this monthly post.

I have pulled together quite a lot of posts for this round-up yet they all seem to be exploring similar themes. These are common issues we deal with as parents of this age group i.e. the online world and gaming, problems at school, anxiety and growing independence as they transition into secondary school and beyond. Writing about them seems to help us process how we deal with these issues, I hope you will find something useful, encouraging or inspiring in these posts too.

Internet and Screen usage:

This is one area that we really struggle with as a family, my kids are always pushing the boundaries of what we feel is acceptable time online. As it’s a constant battle I decided to do some research in a post on my blog Liberty on the Lighter Side, hopefully you will find it beneficial. Apart from the pros and cons, I discovered in my post about my struggles with my tweens and teens and their screen usage that there are plenty of resources online for parents and educators.

In an age where we are wondering as parents to figure out how to navigate the murky waters of online addiction and gaming, Debbie from My Boys Club shares five useful points about the positives of the game Fortnite.

Jen (of Just Average Jen fame)’s son loves gaming and she has cleverly figured out how to redecorate his bedroom into a gamer’s room on a shoestring budget!

Secondary School Issues

In this post on North East Family Fun, Sam shares her ten helpful tips on how to cope with the transition into secondary school when it’s your first child going through that journey.

Emma over on Crazy with Twins deals with the mystery of her child’s non attendance at her beloved play rehearsals and the nasty side of school – dealing with the bullies!

Growing Independence

Angela from The Inspiration Edit questions her decisions around allowing her daughter more freedom and independence. We worry as parents that they will be safe as they slowly move away from under our watchful gaze. It’s not an easy stage and we often have more questions than answers.

In a similar vein, Emma of Emma and 3 talks about how difficult it is to set fair boundaries around boys when they face different issues to their sisters. She asks the questions that we are all struggling with, how to be fair to our different children’s needs.

In this post DIY Daddy Nigel looks back and reflects how he could have parented his teens better as his younger kids move up into that age bracket. He is honest in how he faces his own shortcomings and fears for our young people’s mental health in an age where teen suicide seems more and more common.

“I truly believe if your teenager is asking to speak to you, stop what you are doing no matter how important it is and listen to them and talk to them.” – DIY Nige

Teen Anxiety

Enda, the author behind Enda Stories writes about the whirlwind that goes through the minds of our young folk and the process of trying to help them navigate the stormy seas of adolescence. We know we got through the teen years ourselves but it’s hard to watch our kids go through the same tortuous processes.

The teen years are times of huge change and also enormous anxiety. For some it can become crippling. Jan from Falcondale Life explores ten helpful ideas for going on a holiday with a child who suffers from anxiety.

And finally, in a very heart rending post, Tilly’s Mum on Miss Tilly and Me deals with a child who is afraid to talk openly about what is troubling her and faces being ridiculed by her classmate for a tragedy beyond her control.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this month’s tweens and teens roundup and have found a few posts that resonate with you. I was blown away not only by the writing talent in our parenting blogging community but also the elevated level of compassion and concern we share as parents over our young folk.

Until next time.

Liberty xx


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