Books: What is better e-books or the real thing?

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I’ve loved books for as long as I can remember. I read every single day and it’s rare for me not to read. The content can be varied from trash to the classics, I think the books feed the soul and the imagination, whatever the subject matter. If you’re wondering how I find time to read with 3 children, head over to my blog and read How Do You Find Time to Read?

If like me, you’re a book lover, what do you think is the best way to read them? Are you a purist who thinks all books are better in beautiful printed glory, or do you love the convenience of an ereader? 

A crisis of trust in ebooks has been reported recently, after Microsoft closed its ebook store. When it closed down all of the books people has bought were deleted, although Microsoft did refund its customers. The crisis seems to stem from the fact that even though you buy an ebook, according to the terms and conditions technically you don’t own it, and the title can be withdrawn at any time. For passionate book lovers this is a pretty horrifying thought, no-one can pull your favourite book from your hands, but it could end up deleted from your ereader. 

There are some massive benefits to an ereader though. If you read as much as I do, you get through a lot of books, which in turn take up a lot of bookshelf space. Add in children’s books, cookery books and books my husband likes to read and we have quite literally got hundreds of books in our house. I estimate that it’s probably over 500 books easily. Trust me, storage is an issue! With an ereader I don’t have to worry about this at all, all of my favourite books are stored in a small portable device and can travel anywhere with me. I can be anywhere in the world and download the latest release, for a woman who has paid excess baggage fees before because of the amount of books she has packed, this is a big deal! It’s also great for one-handed reading when breastfeeding and has got me through many a cluster feed.

For my children though, I am not a fan of ebooks at all. I guess I am a little hypocritical. I think they should be able to hold paper books in their hands, flick through the pages and carefully absorb the illustrations. I just don’t think it’s the same experience on digital and will always buy them the paper copy. Which has been shown in an article on the BBC news that shows that toddlers get more out of reading physical books than they do ebooks. Although now my son has reached the stage where he is reading novels, and never has his head out of a book, I do wonder if an ereader might be a good idea for him. 

As much as I do love the easy convenience for my ereader and the clever little backlight for reading in bed, nothing beats the wonderful smell of a book shop and all those amazing printed pages. They will also not run out of battery on you at a pivotal moment. I am a somewhat perturbed that should Amazon go into administration that hundreds of pounds I have spent on ebooks could vanish. And yet I am not willing to let go of the easy convenience it offers me. For day to day reading, it’s the convenience that wins. But, for pure beauty, wonderful keepsakes you can pass on and stunning illustrations, front covers that make you go ooh, and gifts my children will enjoy nothing can beat a paper copy. 

What do you prefer?

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Laura is a Mum of three, as well as a freelance writer and blogger at Laura’s Lovely Blog. A consummate bookworm, she thanks the Gods of invention for the eReaders because she can now hide just how many books she’s buying. A bit of a magpie, Laura has a bit of a handbag addiction and is lover of lovely things. She also writes about gratitude and positivity, as well as life as a Mum of three. You can find her on Twitter @laurasummers or Instagram @laura_summers.

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  1. 03 May 2019 / 09:36

    Books every time! That having said reading a really thick book on an e reader makes for a much lighter handbag and I am now able to travel with a much smaller suitcase.