40 tips for making family travel easier

Hyatt woman on bedHow do you make family travel less stressful? Do you stick to your usual routines or relax the rules? What makes family travel easier?

BritMums — along with cohosts, Anneli Faiers (@Delicieux_fr) and Paul Steele (@paul_steele), founder of BaldHiker.com and VisitBritain contributor — organised a Twitter party all about family travel, hashtag #HyattWLFG. It was sponsored by Hyatt and part of the World’s Largest Focus Group, with parties taking place in different time zones around the world.

Here are your best tips for family travel routines:

Routines whilst travelling — love ’em or leave ’em?

Keeping a separate toiletry bag for travel with a 2nd set of everything I use keeps me in my routine when travelling @jyao

We stick to routines while travelling if possible (especially sleep) but be ready to be flexible. It is a holiday so go with the flow @Mummytravels

I try to pick travel times when they sleep. Our car and the planes goes extra fast with #sleeppower @mumonthebrink

My son is autistic so needs routine. We travel during his long nap time and kept bed/bathtime the same while away. @MotherGeek

My tip: Setting my clock ahead to the time zone to which I am traveling and staying on a similar bedtime schedule -stay refreshed! @miffSC

1 routine is to get 1st day breakfast or just a baguette at a local shop. This helps me connect and feel “LOCAL” @Manu_Garage

Travelling for us means getting out of a routine and that’s the same even with a baby/toddler @BinkysBoudoir

I never leave the house without colouring book and pens – great for #travel & restaurants! @Delicieux_fr

Bring their favorite (small) stuffed animal, favorite stories, & build in playground time during the day @TravelSort

I always give the kids a list so they pack their own bag for the trip! @Frenchie2Kiss

We like to upgrade to suites, that way our children can be put to bed the same time as at home @Badong_gnodab

Forget the routine they are on vacation too. @thestalion123

Working out and keeping the iPhone battery charged helps me keep up with my routines while on the road @JoaoNYCPR

Talking to the kids ahead of the trip about what is coming and allowing for plenty of time at airports always makes smooth  @runwithmiles

The girls all pack their own travel backpacks for the plane, with books, coloured pencils, crosswords, etc @AModernMother

We work around Little Man’s routine. He still needs a daytime nap despite being almost 3! Keeps everyone happy!! @SussexMummy

What makes travelling with family easier?

Eating a healthy breakfast give us a good start to the day when we’re traveling. @2foodtrippers

Play animal bingo – shout out if you see a cow, sheep, bird, etc. (then count the sheep if peace and quiet needed…) @NatuallyLearning

If possible find somewhere fun en route to break up the journey @mummytoboyz

Good wifi should be a standard of travel. Not something to beg for. @frogmomblog

One hotel we stayed in had a separate breakfast room for families, it was amazing! @InstinctiveMum

The kids are so much easier to manage if we have the iPads fully charged & loaded with games & movies @Delicieux_fr

Traveling would be easier if I had all the time I needed to explore (without adhering to school calendars) @theculturemom

Slings or carriers are a must when negotiating airports and planes. Also book back row seats for easy loo and escape! @BinkysBoudoir

I always keep a list in my suitcase of things I usually forget! I add to it every trip I take it seems! @tweetie999

Traveling would be easier with cheap global roaming! @sarahsilbert

Plenty entertainment. Tablets, Books, Toys, Snacks, Drinks, Wipes!! @SussexMummy

COFFEE! I appreciate a hotel that has Good, strong coffee to start my day! @SandiMcKenna

Travelling would be even easier if I could get my pushchair back straight off a flight @mumonthebrink

Hotel must-haves for kids

When hotels have touches just for kids — cookies or small slippers — makes all the difference for hotel stays with kids @jhowze

Children based television programming! @edwardycho

Plastic plates are a win. Then I don’t worry if they throw them on the floor! @HelpfulMum

A night light for kids – would be great if hotels provided those @platespinnermum

Enough beds for 3+ kids! Not as easy as it sounds! @Taking_5

Traveling would be easier if I could have a bathtub instead of a shower.

Always stay at a Hyatt! If I forget toothpaste, they have it! @SC6589

Mini fridge is a must have with young kids in tow @smilesandphotos

Access to a microwave @MrStuartLodge

Creative entertainment for the rainy days @paul_steele

Pool! @SandiMckenna

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  1. 13 October 2013 / 08:02

    Great tips! Baby slings essential for travel…