Do the IN Thing for Cancer Research

cancer researchFancy a night IN with your female friends?

Throughout November, Cancer Research are inviting women to take part in The IN Thing and host a girl’s night IN.

When did you last get together with the girls? What would you like to do? Will it be a fancy dinner party or something a little wilder?

How do I get involved?

Visit the Cancer Research UK website to register and request a fundraising pack

How do I let people know it is happening?

Tell your friends about the event and you can also make use of Facebook and/or Doodle.

What can I do for my night IN?

Cancer Research UK has loads of ideas for you. Ask your friends what they would like to do best.

What do I do after the event?

You can share your Facebook photos with other IN Thingers. Cancer Research can help you set up a Just Giving page which makes fundraising really simple or the website tells you how to send in your money.

Can I really make a difference in the battle against cancer?

Money raised via the IN Thing will go towards fighting 200 cancers. As an example, £94 could help pay for a woman to take part in clinical trials to improve the survival rates in breast cancer.

If you don’t feel you can host an IN Thing event, you can help raise awareness by tweeting about #theinthing to encourage people to sign up for a fundraising pack.

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