Styling head doll: Parents and kids review I’m a Stylist toy #ad

boy and girl playing with styling head

Picture: Californian Mum in London

Good hair day? That’s a question that anyone with the new I’m a Stylist styling head can enjoy. This is the styling head from the folks behind I’m a Girly, the Swiss fashion doll creators who are all about hip dolls for younger girls you can dress up in truly fashionable clothes (the new season each year are guided by actual kids!). Now with their styling heads, kids can practice, learn and play at making great hair-dos and even cut the hair on their I’m a Stylist heads. It’s aimed at 3- to 15-year-olds and has interchangeable wigs with different colours and lengths to play with.

We loved the idea of the I’m a Stylist heads and were excited about their appeal to girls as they get older and are less excited with playing dress up with dolls. We sent I’m a Stylist heads to eight families. Here is what parents and kids think about the I’m a Stylist styling head from I’m a Girly. (This post is part of a paid campaign with I’m a Girly.)

It’s good for tweens, preteens and young teens

Finding things that interest tween/pre-teen kids can be a challenge. They are “too old for dolls, but I think she’s too young for a lot of things,” says Elfa of Californian Mum in London. “I want her to keep hold of her childhood for as long as possible.”

Mari of Mari’s World sees the role that styling heads can play at a certain time in children’s lives. “I have become very aware this past school year of their search for independence and their claim for taking control over their personal identity,” she says. “When they get ready to go out, makeup and hair is an important part of their ‘getting ready’ routine. I think they lack practice and this is where I’m a Stylist Lucy, steps into our lives.”

Impressed by quality

“You can tell the quality before you even get it out of the box! The box and brand design in general gives a high-end feel and the product inside doesn’t disappoint either,” says Aby from You Baby Me Mummy.

“My first impressions were how well made the head is and how realistic the hair falls and feels,” says Laura from Side Street Style. “This offers the perfect platform for children to start experimenting with hairstyles and different looks without causing any damage to their own hair while still sparking that creative feel when it comes to expressing yourself.”

Bigger is better with styling heads

Parents loved that the I’m a Stylist head is bigger than typical styling heads (33cm tall), meaning it’s easier for young hands to work with and more fun. “I really like the size of the doll’s head,” says The Inspiration Edit. “My daughter has had a styling head in the past but it was very small and therefore Sylvia could not style the hair as well as she can with this product.” 


I'm a Stylist styling head toy

Parents and kids liked the size. Picture: ChelseaMamma


kids with styling head - fueled by latte pic

You can see the dimensions — real girl like. Picture: Fueled by Latte

The dimensions are real. As Fueled by Latte says, the head is quite lifelike, making it like the girls’ own. “You can see how lifelike the doll is and how similar in size to my practically eight year old twins. The wig that you buy to style and change the dolls hair fits the girls perfectly too and we’ve had a lot of fun with that.”

They have interchangeable wigs and cool accessories

One of the big things that makes these styling heads more fun is the array of hair. Yes they have realistic brown hair but you can switch it out for electric blue, platinum blonde, light pink and brown/blonde ombre.

And the styling heads aren’t just about the hair. They also come with face gems, earrings, hair accessories, magnetic lashes and a small mirror, which allows kids to play and customise. 

styling head with face jewels by Inspiration Edit blog

Picture: Inspiration Edit

Little touches

It’s the little things when it comes to the styling heads that made a difference, parents say. “I like that this styling head has suction cups to keep the head still during styling. I also love how easy this toy is to keep clean,” says The Inspiration Edit. The heads also come with a wig holder, which helps keep the wigs in good condition when they’re not on the doll. The packaging is reusable to store the head neatly.

Picture: Californian Mum in London

“I wouldn’t describe either of my girls as especially girly, but they both think the I’m a Stylist Styling Head is great, so I think it will appeal to kids of all ages and interests,” says Mummy Mummy Mum. “I’m looking forward to my children become expert hair stylists and helping me with my hair!”

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The I’M A STYLIST styling head is recommended for children aged 3-15, and is currently available at Harrods and Hamleys (RRP of £89) and also on the I’M A STYLIST website


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  1. 05 June 2019 / 14:32

    I am still a bit in love with the blue wig – I have promised Eliza I am going to get it for her

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    yes, I love the size of this styling head… makes such a huge difference!

  3. 06 June 2019 / 09:51

    My kids had such an amazing time playing with the I’M A STYLIST. And my daughter’s friends have been loving it too!