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With the weather being glorious at the moment and those bank holidays we have been enjoying, we have all been getting outside more. Here are a few of your images about playing outside!

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“Only in play we learn the most”✍🏼🍃☀️ . Just Love this pic of the girls happy in play.❤️It’s so lovely watching them lost in imagination and character. Delilah’s usually the monster 🧟‍♀️Tallulah’s waaaayy too much of a princess to except that role👑 so of course she runs away while Dee has to catch her!!! 😆 . Unfortunately Tallulahs had to miss school again today due to feeling a little unwell yesterday.😞 (48hr rule!!) she’s had what I thought was a sickness bug (I honestly dread anything like that!) especially with 3 girlies to look after it really shakes up the routine.😩 My mega OCD comes out frantically cleaning everythinggg!!!🤦🏻‍♀️ we made a lucky escape this time it only lasted half a day only sick once.✨🙌🏼 ….Maybe it was an allergy🤷🏻‍♀️(looks like dd’s got her partner in crime back!) . on the upside it’s half term next week so we can all relax a bit the girls are taking full advantage of their extra day off🤗 #sneaky #dayoff #wildandfreechildren #sunnydays☀️ #parklife #fridayfeeling

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. 🎠 CHECKING OUT THE FUNFAIR & TAKING A DIFFERENT ROUTE 🌤🌿⚓️ . I’m so thankful for all the sunshine we’ve had this week, despite the forecast predicting quite the opposite. Sunny weather is certainly beneficial for my mood ☀️ . Yesterday we enjoyed a walk through town and down to the funfair which is currently visiting, and then we took a new route on the way home, exploring some different vistas to the ones we’ve seen before. SWIPE for more pics! 📷 . When I say we ’enjoyed’ the walk… well, we did, but it’s not the easiest thing to go for a town walk with our Penguin, as he pulls and jumps about and doesn’t show much awareness of potential dangers (such as traffic). At the same time, I’m happy to see that he’s still excited to get out and explore and experience things, despite him also being very keen on his home comforts. . So, we walked through our busy little town, and eventually got to the playground next to where the funfair is set up. We sat on the swings for a good while, taking in the funfair from a comfortable distance 🙂 This was quite early in the afternoon, so not too busy on the playground and very few people at the funfair. . We eventually took a walk around the fair to check out the different rides and other attractions. Penguin was happy exploring but didn’t seem particularly keen on going on any of the rides. This was in line with what we’d expected and perfectly fine, but when we got to the bumper cars, he actually seemed curious about trying them out. The staff asked if we wanted to go on them (there was nobody else there) and I explained that Penguin is autistic and I can’t know for sure if he really wants a go until he’s sat down in a car with me. I was hoping the staff person would respond that we could try getting in a car first and then pay, but he just said ’sorry I can’t help you with that’. Perhaps I should have been more clear 🤷🏻‍♀️ but as it was I just steered Penguin away from there (he wasn’t THAT keen anyway). I was not going to pay £3.50 just to walk up to a car and then walk away again if Penguin didn’t wan’t to sit down in it, which would have been a very likely outcome based on previous experiences.[Cont in comment]

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