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Hello, welcome to the first ever BritMums STEM Round-up. April 22nd was Earth Day, so I thought it would make sense to start off with a selection of some of the best Earth Day themed posts. I’d love your suggestions for the next STEM Round-up too, so please leave me a comment with your ideas.

With people like Greta Thunberg making the news almost every day, Amy and Ella Meek of Kids Against Plastic regularly meeting with politicians and kids all over the world choosing to fight for their future, it’s getting pretty hard to ignore climate change. Student activism is growing day by day. Our young people are learning how to research things for themselves and stand up for their futures and it’s an amazing sight to see. But there is always more that we can do. By educating our children on ways that we can look after our planet, we can encourage the scientists of the future to find better ways of doing things and more sustainable solutions

If you’re an eco-conscious parent looking for a new blog to follow, then I would love to recommend Laren at Inspire, create, educate. Her entire blog is aimed at making greener choices while juggling being a busy parent and spinning all the plates. She covers everything from using cloth sanitary pads to becoming vegan.

Faith from Much More With Less has a very thorough list of how to reduce, reuse and recycle when it comes to your plastic consumption. There are so many ideas in this post I hadn’t thought of and she suggests that a great way to start is to go through your rubbish to see what plastics you are actually throwing away so you know what to look at first.

PunkyMoms is a medley of mamas with different hobbies, interests and ways of doing things. Together they have come up with a list of 40 Ways you can save the world today! How many are you already doing?

Emma has a few ideas for reusing glass jars that we normally recycle, all in the spirit of Earth day and adaptable to the age of the crafter and this cute ‘Happy Earth‘ from Angela at The Inspiration Edit comes with a printable list of things you can do to make the Earth happy.

When my son was smaller, we made this lovely Earth Days Canvas using 3 paints and cotton buds but you can do it on card or paper and use fingerprints for a more personal touch. I also wrote this list of things to do in spring – the gardening section is particularly useful for encouraging children to explore their environment

Just recently we have been learning more about geology with the latest STEM box from the weekend box club. Dexter has thoroughly enjoyed learning how rocks have formed and looking at the science behind it all.

Possibly my favourite post for Earth Day Ideas is this one from BabyBudgeting. A guide to practising environmental awareness and going green for Earth Day and other days of your life. I’ve found some great tips here and am looking to start implementing them straight away.

These lovely book suggestions from Jane at HodgePodgeDays are a wonderful way to encourage children to care for our planet and educate them a little bit more at home. I’ll certainly be adding them to our library list next time we visit. We’ve read a couple of Oliver Jeffers books before so that one looks particularly good. 

And finally, this little activity from Julie at Pondering Parenthood is great for giving them something to be proud of in the garden. Each fortnight, Julie does an activity based on a book and this one, based on gardening with a toddler, is a great place to start, especially when, like M, you get to pick your own plant!

So there you go, Earth day has passed now but it’s never too late to help your child learn about the world around them, how things grow and how we can reuse things or look after our planet.



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