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It’s not everyday you get to meet A-list celebrities. So when we found out that Cookie Monster and Gonger were in town and talking about their Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck (yum!) we jumped at the chance to meet them! How could we resist?

Volunteering for the job was Catherine from Catherine’s Cultural Wednesdays (she used to work at the BBC, so she’s used to interviewing big shots. Now she had her most important assignment yet).

Cookie Monster and Gonger were in town to talk about Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck, a great show for kids on Tiny Pop about making and eating food and learning about their favourite ingredients from onions to apples. Families can catch it every day on TinyPop. Find the schedule and fun clips!

So what happened when BritMums hung out with Cookie Monster and Gonger? We settled down to talk all things food and cookie related! Watch the video and read about Catherine’s meeting. (We debate dunking, talk about Cookie Monster’s worst cookie ever and what cookies we think the Queen’s likes!)



Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck: Meet Cookie Monster and Gonger

First things first, where did the duo meet?

Turns out that they met at the Furchester Hotel and got on so well that they decided to get the Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck and travel around together bringing great to food to everyone. Gonger is the chef, what he doesn’t know about food isn’t worth knowing.  Cookie Monster knows all about cookies and helps with the chopping and the mixing.

Sometimes Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck runs out of an ingredient so Gonger and the Cookie Monster have to go out get some. Curiosity often leads them to the farmer where they learn about how it is grown and prepared. Gonger told me all about the time that they went to get some cranberries. Did you know that cranberries grow in a bog and that you get very wet harvesting them?

What are Cookie Monster’s favourite cookies?

We settled down to talk about the important things in life: Cookies!

Cookie Monster’s favourite cookie is chocolate chip. He will try all cookies at least once but will never, ever try another sardine cookie again (watch the video to hear about that one!). Not that I can blame him, I just wonder how such a cookie came into being in the first place! Cookie Monster confided that he had no idea what his record is for the most amount of cookies eaten as he is always too busy to count.  We did think that maybe the Count on Sesame Street could count how many but that Cookie Monster was probably so fast that it was not possible!

What’s the difference between a cookie and a biscuit?

Ever wondered what the difference between cookies and biscuits is? Turns out that they are all the same, just different words for the same thing. When it comes to a British biscuit, Cookie Monster is fond of a Hobnob and Gonger likes a Rich Tea but they are both unanimous about the fact dunking your biscuit is the right thing to do.

Check out the film of Catherine’s interview with the Cookie Monster and Gonger. And tell us what is your favourite cookie and do you dunk? Let us know in the comments!

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Don’t miss Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck on Tiny Pop

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To dunk or not to dunk?  You will be glad to hear that both Cookie Monster and Gonger are ardent dunkers.  BritMums sat down and chatted to CookieMonster and Gonger about Cookies and the duo’s travels in the Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck.

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  1. Jane Ayres
    01 May 2019 / 18:41

    Fantastic. I’m off to make sime sardine cookies right now😀

  2. 01 May 2019 / 18:46

    I hope Catherine gets a Pulitzer for this one – it’s the most eagerly-anticipated interview of the year. I think the Queen would be most impressed by Cookie Monster and Gonger. (Just don’t wear a tux during the day, Gonger!)