Snapshot round-up: Capturing the seasons

There are daffodils aplenty, the birds are singing and we’re seeing buds appear on the trees. The days are longer, the yearned for blue skies bring a smile to our face and we shout “lambs” whenever we pass a field. Spring has most certainly sprung and we’re full of joy as a result. 

The crazy weather we’ve recently experienced has almost echoed Melbourne’s changeable climate. But it’s not stopped us exploring, having a great time or marvelling at mother nature. On the duller days we’ve reminisced about sunshine and warmth like Birds and Lilies who took this photograph while travelling from Seville to Madrid. 

Birds and Lilies FINAL

When the snow came, the BritMums community was quick to take full advantage. Had we had some of the white stuff we’d totally be joining Mummy Alarm to make snow angels! 

Carolin FINAL

For Wishes and Wellies, the snowfall meant their little viking was able to build his first ever snowman – suitably dressed in the most adorable penguin coat!

Wishes and Wellies FINAL

Even without the flakes, we’ve seen frozen rivers and splendid skies. This was the view Lukeosaurus And Me had on a wander at the historic Waverley Abbey. 

Lukeosaurus FINAL

There’s nothing like being prepared and Mr and Mrs T Plus 3 littlest was more than ready with her umbrella up – just in case it rained! Accompanied with the necessities – a rucksack that contained Lego characters, a stuffed Bagpuss and Playdoh. 

Amy Treasure FINAL

For Mummy Travels, Brighton showers brought puddles to splash in, a walk on the beach and a discovery in these glorious blue tiles. Complementing those snazzy yellow wellies beautifully. 

Mummy Travels FINAL

Muff and Teacake was greeted by a sea of colourful umbrellas at Borough Market where you can also expect to find exceptional British and International produce. 

Muff and Teacake FINAL

The past few weeks has also seen us take a breath and appreciate our surroundings. Over 40 And Mum To One caught this beautiful cobweb on the wing mirror of her car. 

Over 40 and Mum to One FINAL

And Mini Travellers captured this stunning view while out running in the Wirral. 

Mini Ventures FINAL

The Joy of Five family also hit the beach, enjoying calm seas that almost blended into the sky. The kids even enjoyed their first barefoot dip of the year! 

Joy of Five FINAL

As for the Doves, we’ve seen many a dramatic sky over recent weeks, embraced misty mornings and stared in awe at the most magnificent sunsets. A favourite most certainly being the calm after a storm. 

PODcast 6B5A3179 BritMums

That’s it for this month everyone – keep your eyes peeled for next month’s photography theme. If you’d like to say hello, you’ll find me here on Twitter and on Instagram.   


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