Mums & Tots Round-up: Spring cleaning with a toddler in tow

Is it really possible to Spring Clean with a toddler in the house?

Spring is in the air! Welcome back to Mums & Tots, and how lovely to see a bit of spring sunshine. If you are anything like me you will have started the spring clean! I don’t know why but I love to have a good sort out at this time of year, get the garden in order tidy out the old toys and clothes and create space and calm. Ha ha ha you remember I have children right? So tidying and sorting always makes me think that its like stacking papers in a hurricane! I can’t be alone though can I? I mean I tidy the kitchen and as a trade-off end up with a royal mess in the dining room.

So I called upon the power of social media to see if anyone had any life hacks ( you know those simple things that mean you can do something easily) to help me get a spring clean and sort completed.

Helena from Babyfoote, shared some tips on cleaning including giving your toddler some small chores, or distracting them while you do yours.

Chloe from Life Unexpected agreed that involving your toddler was a good idea and even has a list of 10 chores a one year old can easily help with, I have to say its a brilliant idea, my Termite (the youngest of the three) loves ‘helping’ but I think that is because its something she has seen everyday, unlike the big two who missed my cleaning frenzy as it was always after work while they slept.

Milla from live Oxfordshire points makes me believe with these 5 unlikely uses for a toddler, that toddlers are their very own life hacks, I mean who better to fetch things just out of reach?

Nadine from JuggleMum did this post about how to encourage children to help with household chores.

Do you have any tips to make tidying a little less like filing in a hurricane and a little more like the productive task it used to be?

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