Moving through seasons of change with our tweens & teens

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So that was it, spring came and went and now summer is upon us! As the seasons change, so we transition through the ups and downs of life. The challenges are endured when we know that there’s a reward waiting around the corner, like the posibility of a nice long break after hard work.

This is the time of the year when our tweens and teens are facing the stress of writing tests and exams, and we may be feeling some of that anxiety ourselves. No matter how hard we try and with our best intentions, we often get it wrong as parents as blogger Louise from A Strong Coffee describes in this post SAT’s are over.

We know parenting is not easy…

However, holidays!

The prospect of the holidays ahead, and maybe going away somewhere lovely, is a thought resting on the horizon with the magical glow of all that summer promises. 

This age group can be a tough one to keep occupied over the long weeks of the summer holidays so here is a list of ideas from bloggers around the country:

Handy Tips!

In the meantime, apart from exam pressure, we as parents of this age group are always faced with a multitude of concerns about whether we are getting this parenting thing right. Somehow when they were little things seemed more manageable and predictable. Now that our kids are in the tween and teen age goup we may have lots more questions than answers.

Here is a list of tips and advice that is as varied as our children are:

Moving on, them and us:

And finally, sometimes we just have to stand back and watch in amazement as our children develop from childhood into adulthood. It’s certainly not easy letting them go and yet we know this is the next stage of both our lives that is necessary, valuable and filled with wonder at how well they seem to manage without us!

We hope you are all surviving the test/exam season and are looking forward to the summer hols, tell us about your plans!



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  1. 02 June 2019 / 10:34

    Looking forward to the last term of school, my ekdest started high school this year and has been so busy. We need some long summer days of just being a family