#SnapHappyBritMums: Fun, fun, fun!

BritMums leads a photo sharing community on Instagram called – #SnapHappyBritMums! We’d love you to join in with us!

Summer was amazing wasn’t it? So we wanted to share your photos of fun, fun, fun!

So we’re in Amsterdam on a family break. This is where I should say what an amazing time we’re having, seeing everything we desire and making memories. That’s what posts like this usually say don’t they? Well after day 1 I would say hubby and I would like to be going home. Ava is being a nightmare and tbh ruining our holiday. She argues with EVERYTHING, disagrees constantly and then whines about pretty much everything else. I wanted to share to add my voice of realism. Things aren’t always how they seem on the gram x. #sunshinegirl #cityscape #postcardplaces #travelgirlsgo #ladiesgoneglobal #travel_captures #globewanderer #vacationready #thetraveltribe #girlsborntotravel #vactiongoals #thebest_capture #bestplacestogo #wanderluster #beautifuldestinations #travelpassion #wanderlusting #tasteintravel #femmetravel #travelandlife #searchwandercollect #travelgram #instaexplore #huntgram #hello_worldpics #globe_travel_ #natgeotravel #girlaroundtheworld #vacationstyle #sidewalkerdaily

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In a couple of weeks we’ll highlight more of your #SnapHappyBritMums images that say ‘back to school’ to us, so go crazy on your blog, Twitter, Instagram and other photo sharing apps. Just make sure you tag your pics #SnapHappyBritMums so we can see! Don’t forget to follow BritMums on Instagram too!

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